SONY                       B&W hybrid printer SONY UP-X898MD                       



Sony UP-X898MD is a hybrid printer, which means that the printer can print from both types of signals used in medical and diagnostic devices

*  analog signal / VIDEO ( PAL& NTSC] 
*  digital signal    / USB  2.0

This feature ( both built-in interfaces ) gives the printer a very universal use. This feature is also supported by WIN drivers, where in addition to the newer WIN 7/8/10 drivers, there are available drivers for previous WIN XP, Vista .... ie the printer can be connected to older devices that use these OS versions.

The printer is designed for black and white photo printing of images 100 x 75 / up to 450 x 100 mm on Sony thermal sensitive paper.

Specific features :

*  The picture 94 x 71 mm is printed during 3.3 sec
*  Minimized dimensions 154 x 88 x 240mm
*  Low weight 2.5 kg
*  Drivers under WIN XP / Vista / 7/ 8 / 10
*  Printing on 3 types of papers UPP-110S / UPP-110HD /
   UPP-110HG according your choice

The printer has many improvements. The paper cutters are newly placed on both sides of the paper (top and bottom), ie you can tear the printed image comfortably at any location of the printer.

You can also save the printed image (regardless of the Video / Digital input signal) to an external USB Flash Drive.

You can adjust the brightness or contrast of the printed image, in addition to locking these 2 controls against accidental resetting, the image can be divided into 2 smaller different images, etc., ... all optimized for quick documentation


    Simple operation, ultra fast printing, paper exchange in a few seconds, maintenance-free operation are the basis for many years
  of trouble-free use - ideal printer for medical and industrial documentation

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                              Specific properties




Unpacking the printer - accessories 

Open the printer box.

The following accessories are located above the printer

- One roll of heat-sensitive paper SONY UPP-110HG
- Power cord
- CD with WIN drivers and instructions
- Cleaning paper (for cleaning the thermal head)
- USB extension cable for inserting a USB flash drive
- Printed instructions - instructions before use
- List of service centers

Unpack the printer and remove the fixing tape from the front door

Front  panel


Getting to know the printer  

Please familiarize yourself before using the printer /
front panel ( from the left )  :

*  ON / OFF - turns the printer ON / OFF
*  Display - orange color indicates an erros status
                - green color indicates normal status

*  Menu -  the joystick allow to enter and navigate the printer menu
*  Contrast / Brightness - change Cont / Brt of the printed image
*  FEED - shifts the paper
*  COPY - prints another copy of an already printed image
*  PRINT - when connected to a video signal, pressing PRINT freezes
                and prints the current image on the screen

*  OPEN - automatically opens the front door
when the printer is
                  turned on

Rear panel



Rear panel ( from the left ) :

*  VIDEO IN - when connecting to a video signal, connect the BNC cable from Ultrasound here (connect the cable to the VIDEO OUT connector on Ultrasound)
*  VIDEO OUT -  this connector is used only when the printer is connected between the medical unit and the monitor (less common)

*  REMOTE - connector for printer control from Ultrasound, or for remote cable / foot control (available as a special accessory)

* USB Flash disc -  connect the short USB cable that comes with the printer here in case you need to save images from the printer to a USB Flash Drive ( connector type A )
* USB 2.0 - connect a standard USB cable here if you have a printer connected via USB    

* 100-240V - connect the power cord that comes with the printer here


Paper installation




Printing Paper installation

If you have the printer unpacked, unpack the power cord and paper roll UPP-110HG

Plug the power cord into the printer and the power outlet at the same time, and turn on the printer on the front panel ( upper left button )

EMPTY HG display lights up in orange - ie there is no HG paper in the printer





With the printer turned on, press the OPEN button, the front door ( DOOR HG ) will open. Please insert roll of the paper as shown on the picture. Remove the green sticker before loading paper:

The roll is inserted in the same way as in a fax, etc.








Pull a longer piece of paper out of the printer so that the damaged ( or lightly sticky ) part of the paper ( rest from the sticker ) is safely out of the printer.

Then close the printer door by hand - the display immediately turns green ..... please tear off a piece of paper with a damaged part that extends outwards









The printer is 










Sony print media

The printer includes a roll of the highest quality paper of the HG class, however you can buy paper according to your needs / type of application

From cheapest to most expensive:

UPP-110S ... High Quality Print Media

UPP-110HD ... High Glossy Print Media

UPP-110HG ... High Density Print Media

The cheapest paper prints black color rather like dark gray and the paper has a semi-matte surface, the higher the quality, the higher the gloss and contrast (black is really black)

Current prices are listed on the e-shop, see:

eshop Sony consumables

VIDEO connection
( analog )




Printer connection via VIDEO ( Analog )

For older medical devices, the VIDEO signal was used as the only alternative. Modern devices are equipped with VIDEO OUT sometimes too,  as this connection is very simple

The video signal enters continuously to the printer ( and monitor ), and when you press the PRINT button, the live image is captured  and prints immediately.

All is very fast, simple and due to the size of a normal image (approx. 7 x 10 cm), the resolution of the video signal is sufficient for a quality print.

If you connect the printer this way, just plug one side of the BNC-BNC cable into the ultrasound output - connector is marked VIDEO OUT and insert the other end of the cable to the rear panel of the printer to connector VIDEO IN  (see picture).
The BNC connectors are of the bayonet type, after insertion you must turn them to the locked position
USB connection
( digital )



Printer connection via USB 2.0 ( Digital )

For all modern medical devices, the printer is connected via digital interface / USB. Higher resolution data enters the printer, however, the actual printing time is extended by the time the datas are transferred from the ultrasound to the printer.

Insert USB cable on the printer to the USB connector (app. square slot) , see picture. ( please do not confuse with the USB slot for the USB Flash Disc)

If you connect the printer in this way, you must also install the appropriate driver to your device, depending on the type of WIN on which your device is running, see. further

Connecting cables are not part of the printer, they can be ordered :

eshop cables


Driver installation

If you need to connect the printer via USB 2.0 to ultrasound, please contact your ultrasound dealer. Ultrasound has locked access to WIN under a password so that the program cannot be accidentally reconfigured.
You will not be able to install the appropriate printer driver without entering WIN !

A driver CD is included with the printer. If you want to install the printer under actual WIN10, it is better to download the latest version of the driver via the Internet - the drivers are on our website or at this address

On the right side there is a link to the installation instructions for drivers from WINXP to WIN8, we will describe the installation procedure for WIN 10
          Install driver WIN XP-WIN 10                      

WIN 10

Driver WIN 10 installation procedure

Install first the driver into the device and after that connect the printer  -  do not connect the Sony printer with a USB cable at this stage !

Download the WIN10 driver for the Sony UP-X898MD printer,
the downloaded file has a name

The downloaded file requires unzipping first.
Unzip, the successful unzipping will be confirmed and the driver will be extracted to the folder on C:
( unless you have changed the path )

Locate the driver on disk (C :) and open the
WIN10 folder and run Setup.exe



The Sony driver welcome window appears, press Next






In the next window, confirm the installation of the driver Install




Next window is similair in your local language
Do you want to install this device software?

Install to start the driver installation



Finally you receive a confirmation of a successful installation, press FINISH  



Now turn on the Sony printer, the paper is already installed
( ie READY is lit on the display ) and connect the printer to the device with a USB cable

Now please make sure that the printer driver is correctly installed - icon of the printer is visible

n WIN 10, type on the keyboard Printers ...  a window will open where you can click on Printers and Scanners

If you already see your Sony printer installed in this window (see red arrow) everything is fine, the installation is finished, you can start to print




Printer driver settings 

Click on the SONY UP-898 Series printer icon


Click on 
Printing Preferences ( red arrow )

The menu Sony UP-898 Series - printing preferences opens,
which consists of 4 settings windows

Main / Density Adjust / Settings / Message
( description of 4 menus follows )


Printing preferences -  Main

Paper       : 1280x960 standard size 100x75mm
                    1280x1280 spec size 1 : 1 (100x100)
                    1280x1920 larger side image 100x150
                    1280x3840 panoramic image 100x300mm
x4096 panoramic image 100x320mm

Copies :
the option to set the number of copies 1-10 (you must activate the button by clearing the Copies check box in the Settings menu)

Scaling : the possibility to reduce / enlarge the image 25-400%
(you must activate the button by clearing the Scaling check box in the Settings menu)

Enlarge to paper :
  it automatically resizes the image to the paper size

Interpolation method :  
If you set automatic adjustment, you can choose the interpolation method - how the image will be resampled

Orientation : Portrait / landscape print




Printing preferences - Density adjust

You can adjust the saturation / brightness of the image at default menu setting. For more options, you need to uncheck the boxes in the Settings menu :

Gamma / Tone  / Sharpness

see next picture


GammaThere are 4 presets. The TONE 2 setting is recommended for sonographic examination

Tone / Dark / Light  :  Adjustment of brightness / density using   gamma curve:
The X-axis shows 256 degrees of shade of color from black to white, ie along the X-axis we go to lighter shades !
The X axis represents the input data, ie the source image.
The Y-axis is analogous, but shows the output data, ie how the image will be printed.

In the normal setting, the gamma curve is linear, ie the same hue level corresponds to a given hue level when printing

If you move the curve point in the + Y direction, you assign a higher = lighter shade when printing to the given hue on the X axis.
As the point of the curve moves, the whole curve moves in the same direction, ie. moving + Y increases the brightness of all colors in the entire hue range from the original setting.

Sharpness :  sharpness adjustment 0 - 14


Printing preferences - Settings

By tearing off the individual settings, you activate them, ie if you want to set the number of copies in the first main menu, tear off the Copies check box here.


Printing preferences - Message

If an error condition occurs on the printer - for example, that you run out of paper, the activated item : Display the message - it means that an error message will appear in the upper left corner of your device screen::

No thermal paper. Pls set the thermal paper atd ......

If you check
Size : use the simple dialog box

you will see the same but abbreviated message in a smaller window.

Adjust the display position : 
if for any reason you do not like the upper left corner, you can move the message display anywhere on the screen by entering coordinates (in pixels), which you can immediately test by pressing Test and the message will appear at a new place


Technical specification

Print method thermal printing on thermal sensitive papers UPP-110S / UPP-110HD / UPP-110HG 
Resolution 1280 dots x 960 (standard print size), 325 DPI thermal head 12.8 dots / mm 


( print via analog )

Print sizes / printing speed

NORMAL       94 x 71 mm / 3.3 sec ( PAL 720 x 604 / NTSC 720 x 504  )
SIDE            127 x 96 mm PAL / 124 x 96 mm NTSC
2 different         
( print via USB)
Print sizes / printing speed

NORMAL       100x75 mm  ( 1280 x 960 )
1 : 1              100x100 mm ( 1280 x 1280 ) 
1 : 1.5           100x150 mm  ( 1280 x 1920 ) 
PANORAMA  100x298 mm  ( 1280 x 3840 )
PANORAMA  100x320 mm  ( 1280 x 4096 )
Printer settings 4 preset gamma curves, BRT / CONTRAST / SHARPNESS of image etc.
Picture memory Digital 4096 x 1280 x 8 (bit),  Video 10 frame memories
Interface / connector VIDEO INPUT  / BNC connector, compatibility PAL / NTSC
Hi-Speed USB / connector USB 2.0
Driver WIN WIN XP, WIN Vista 32/64bit, WIN 7 32/64bit, WIN 8 32/64bit, WIN 10 32/64bit
Operat. conditions Temperature 5 to + 400 C, humidity 20-80%
Power requirements 100 - 240V /  50/60Hz
Power consumption 0,6 - 1,3 A
(W x H x D)
154 x 88 x 240 mm 
Mass / Weight 2.5 kg
Color White / light beige
Certification / Norms  Medical equipment in accordance with IEC-60601-1
Power cable, Cleaning paper, 1 roll UPP-110HG,  Cable for USB Flash Disc, User Instructions, CD with the WIN drivers / instructions
  Sony UP-X898MD        eshop printer Sony UP-X898MD  
Printing papers  
eshop printing papers      
eshop cables      
Brochure  SONY UP-X898MD (EN)

Installation Guide WIN XP-WIN 10

Setup Guide WIN

Operatorīs Manual Sony UP-X898MD (EN)