Sublimation A4 printer   EpsonSureColor SC-F100



The first A4 sublimation printer (EcoTank) from Epson, suitable for printing to ceramics and textiles.

Very compact dimensions, easy operation with several buttons on the front panel with 2.4 "LCD, easy paper loading, easy ink replenishment, connection via WIFI / LAN / USB ... all this makes the printer attractive for home or novice users in the field of sublimation printing.

The printer is also interesting for professional users, as it is

the first small-format sublimation printer, where the printer - ink - sublimation paper - driver - ICC is manufactured and guaranteed technically and guaranteed by one and the same company..

The EcoTank system
does not use ink cartridges, which are always a bit more expensive, but the ink is added directly to the printer's high-capacity cartridges in a simple but at the same time absolutely clean way (where there is no risk of splashing) from separate and economically advantageous 140ml bottles.

Printer specific features :

*  Printer / driver settings / but also ICC profile integration
   performs automatically during printer installation - considerable
   simplification for home users
*  Quality printing thanks to Epson PrecisionCore Micro TFP heads 
*  Very low printing costs
*  WIFI / USB / LAN interface
*  A4 / 150 sheet tray
In addition, as is generally the case for Epson printers, the printer driver and firmware are automatically updated via the Internet while the printer is in use.




    We recommend this printer to anyone looking for a simple printer for installation / operation / maintenance, a printer of smaller dimensions,
  in addition to very reasonable price with very cheap sublimation ink and a 1-year Carry in warranty (or 6,000 sheets) for the entire set         

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                                Specific features




Open the printer box. On the left side ( see fig. ) You have all 4 bottles of ink, it also includes a quick guide, warranty card and power cord.

Remove the printer and remove any packing material
( If you do not install the printer immediately, leave the ink in the original vacuum plastic bag )






Ink installation

The first ink refill is performed with the printer turned off !

After unpacking the printer :

* Open the top large printer cover

* Then the smaller cap on the right above the ink tanks and prepare the ink bottles.

Before unpacking the ink bottles, shake them - according to the instructions 15 times within 5 seconds, when shaking you will feel that the ink no longer overflows in the bottle.
Unpack and prepare the bottles

Flip the blue lever above the cartridge up - you can start from the left of the black and at the same time unscrew the plastic cap from the black ink bottle  

Turn the bottle downwards ( it is sealed, nothing will leak from it ) and insert it ORIENTED ( ie the wings longitudinally ) into the slot of the black cartridge ( see picture ) .... ink gradually starts to flow out of the bottle. If the ink does not flow, you can try to extend / retract the bottle or "very gently" turn it right / left in the inserted state.
Never squeeze the bottle - the ink will leak out by itself

Fill the container to the top line ( marked in
red ), then remove the bottle, close the lid well and store the rest for further refilling ( store the bottles upright in a darker place - out of UV range )

Close the cartridge lever and repeat the entire process for all colors -
each color of ink in the same color-coded cartridge

Finally, close the color cartridge cover and the printer cover







There are buttons on the front panel that you will need
for operating the printer

POWER - turns the printer on / off
HOME - displays the main menu
HELP - help
CANCEL - cancel, stop the current action
START - starts the selected operation

OK, cursors - you select individual menus with cursors, OK you confirm entering the next sub menu
BACK ARROW - returns you to the previous menu
PLUS / MINUS - for entering values



Turn on the printer


Connect the supplied power cord to the back of the printer and plug it into a 220V outlet

Turn on the printer with the POWER button on the front panel - hold the button until the white light / menu on the LCD lights up



Printer initialization 

After turning on the printer, the language selection will appear first.
Use the up / down arrows to
select a language and press OK to confirm

The printer ( currently ) has a menu in only a few major world languages, select EN or.

DONE to confirm that the printer is full of ink

... starts refilling ink from the cartridges to the printer. This process takes about 14 minutes.
Do not turn off the printer during pumping ... this action only happens when the printer is started for the very first time, subsequent refilling of the printer ink is very fast

When done, you will be prompted to adjust the print quality,

To adjustment




Before making print quality settings, load sublimation paper in the printer to print control images

A4 paper

For A4 format, you have a front tray in which you can load 150 papers (adjust the plastic guides inside this tray to this size, max. Paper thickness is 0.12 mm)
Install the sublimation paper with the print
(whiter) side DOWN

If you make a mistake and install the paper upside down - nothing happens - only after printing on the wrong side is the printed image noticeably less contrasty (subli paper / Epson DSA4).

If you use Texprint / SubliPrime paper, the back of the paper is clearly marked with a logo

Epson recommends genuine paper for this printer

Epson DS / A4





Print Quality - Maintenance

After refilling with ink, you are asked to make print quality settings, press

Print Head Nozzle Check

Press print and the printer will print a control image - on the paper you will have printed oblique lines in individual colors and your task is to check that all lines have been printed completely without any interruption (see fig.) .... which means that all nozzles are clean and all colors print correctly.

If everything is OK, press the

If over time you feel that the images are either too red / blue ... please always start with this check. If the line of an individual color is broken, the printer does not print this color completely (this color or shade will be missing in the picture) - you will then clean the nozzles, see the maintenance chapter




  After refilling with ink, you are asked to make print quality settings, press Adust 

Vertical Print Head Alignment 

print and the printer will print a control image - you will have fully printed gray squares on the paper and your task is to select the square that has the least visible (or completely invisible) vertical stripes.
Individual squares are marked with numbers on the control image, ie you enter the number of the most homogeneous square using PLUS / MINUS

  You are also prompted to align the printhead horizontally

Horizontal Print Head Alignment

print and the printer will print a control image - you will have fully printed gray rectangles on the paper and your task is to select the rectangles that best touch, ie they must not overlap each other, but there must be no visible distance between them.

Analogously, the individual rectangles are marked with numbers in the control image, ie you enter the number of the pair that is ideally touching using PLUS / MINUS - it merges

This sets the printer quality - press
and you can start downloading the printer driver to your computer



Driver installation

Please open the Epson support page on your computer where you want to connect the printer ....

Enter the SC-F100 model in the line

SC.F100 Series

.... and now step by step ( and in local language ) shows you exactly what to do


Settings for S-F100 Series

1. Prepare the printer - you're done
2. Downloads and connections - Select

The Epson driver will start downloading, run this file after downloading 

The printer can be connected via
USB or LAN / WIFI ... choose what suits you and follow the instructions below until the last step -

Setup is complete



Driver configuration / Color management

When the driver is installed, all settings are performed automatically, including ICC curve integration - you don't have to do anything !

Here are just the settings in case you accidentally reset it, important specific settings - see the red arrows

* Paper type :
DS ..
* ON : 
Mirror image
* Color / selected ICC : Epson SC-F100 Series GeneralPurpose (Textile):












MAINTENANCE is in the main menu 

If any colors are missing from the image, check the nozzles. If there are broken lines in the control image - do :

The nozzles are cleaned and the control image is printed again

Perform power cleaning ( flushing the nozzles ) with more ink if normal nozzle cleaning does not help

Print head alignment (already described above)

HORIOZONTAL - if you have blurred text or lines
if horizontal streaks appear on the printout


Clean the nozzles ONLY when really needed. Cleaning is performed with ink flowing into the waste ink collector ( Maintenance Box ).
Excessive cleaning leads to the premature need to replace this unit

Maintenance bBx
S13S210125C is located at the back, see Fig

If your ink collector becomes full, it must be replaced  .
You can allways check current capacity of the collection unit,
please open print driver  

Maintenanace /  EPSON Status Monitor 3,  see, picture





Printer handling

If you fill the ink tanks - make sure
the printer is ALWAYS at horizontal position when the printer is moved / transported, otherwise the ink may contaminate the inside of the printer.           .     

                            Technical specification
Print technology Epson PrecisonCore TM  Micro TFP
600 x 1200 DPI / min size 3,8pl  
black nozzles : 400
color nozzles : 128 for each color
Print speed A4 : app 65 sec
Drivers WIN 7-10, MAC OS 10.6.8 and more
Interface USB  / WIFI / Ethernet  
Paper tray 150 sheets A4, paper max thickness 0,12mm
Humidity 20 - 80% without condensation  
Operating temperature + 10 a + 35C   
Power consumption 100-240V / 50-60Hz, sleeping mode 0,7W, standby mode 4,1W, during printing 13W  
Dimensions (WxHxD) 375 x 187 x 347 mm  ( depth with open paper tray 503mm  )
Weight 4,6 kg
Color white
Accessories Power cable, Warranty documents, Setup user guide, Ink set ( 4 x 140ml )
  Epson SC-F100        eshop printer Epson SC-F100  
  Maintenance Box        Maintenance Box - ink collector S13S210125C
 Dye Sublimation ink  :
  Epson 140ml       eshop ink Epson SC-F100
Sublimation papers  
 Sublimation papers      
eshop sublimation papers      
Brochure  Epson SC-F100

Fast installation Epson SC-F100

User Manual Epson SC-F100