Color photo printer CP-M1E



The CP-M1E is new professional high-capacity photo printer from Mitsubishi 
Interface USB 2.0 / resolution 300 (2x300) DPI
/ compact installation dimensions

Photo formats : 5x15, 9x13, 13x13, 10x15, 15x15, 13x18, 
                           15x20 cm gloss & semi-matt

The printer has several VERY INTERESTING NEWS
over its predecessors
* Large roll of paper  750 prints 10x15 cm

* Print size  9x13 cm

*  Integrated
roll holder / ink sheet cassette

* Easier paper installation / replacement

*  Improved print quality

* Lightweight design

* Quiet operation

The printer has the rewind function, EU warranty of 100.000 prints or 2 years, etc., features already known from previous models



Mitsubishi Electric Changes for the Better - Mitsubishi Electric Changes for the Better - Mitsubishi Electric Changes for the Better - Mitsubishi Electric Changes for the Better - Mitsubishi Electric                                  
                                Specific features

Print speed





The advantage of a large roll is not only large paper supply - an extended paper exchange interval, but also due to larger roll diameter,
the resulting printed photos are straight ( without the tendency to curl up  ). Flats printouts are supported with modified design of paper too.
The thickness of the new paper is
0,212 mm and following number of images you can print from 1 roll

CK-M57S      800 prints 9x13 or 400 prints 13x18cm
750 prints 10x15cm
750 prints 10x15cm or 375 prints 15x20cm
The price of the paper is very attractive  /  paper CK-M64S ..  0,081 EUR without VAT for 1 print 10x15cm
Just to give you an idea / comparison with the thicknesses of other popular Mitsubishi papers

CK-D746 ....... 0,23 mm
CK-D868 ........0,215 mm
CK76R(HG) ... 0,193 mm



+ PHOTO FORMAT 9x13 cm 

Mitsubishi did have at the offer 9x13cm format in Europe for a long time, so customers can use paper  9x13 (13x18) cm since now

CK-M57S      800 prints 9x13 or 400 prints 13x18 cm





The absolute news is the paper roll holder / ink sheet cassette included in the supply of consumables. It is no longer necessary to install the roll paper holder or insert the ink sheet into the separate plastic cartridge, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the paper exchange, but at the same time it eliminates the posssibility that less experienced operator throw away used ink sheet including the cartridge ( valid for previous generation of printers ) .
The picture shows exactly what you get after purchasing and unpacking supplies - roll of paper including integrated plastic holder and ink sheet in the plastic cartridge as one unit. When the roll of paper / ink sheet cassette is exhausted, eveything is disposed as normal household waste.





New thermal head control electronics made it possible to improve print quality.
Printing is more homogenous, especially at delicate smooth transitions from grey to white ( eg gradient background ) no contours are noticeable, the printer prints better light grey / grades of grey color, see the picture.

The readability of the details has increased considerably,
for example small text is nicely readable, without any veil.
Black prints and generally contrasts in dark tones are better.

The thermal head doesnt create shadows during sharp transitions ( edge ) from black to white 

( the portrait of lady is intentionally out of focus )      


Opinion of Liberek Co :

Improved print quality ( homogeneity / sharper details ) important for portrait photo and generally for production of quality photos at minilab level is done even by slightly lower print speed ( app  12sec format 10x15 cm). If you need printer primarily for Events, where speed is the first priority - we recommend you to consider Mitsubishi CP-D90DW-P / CP-D70DW    

If you are considering a minilab application, we did a bulk print test of intentionally different photos and
the printer has printed 270 photos of 10x15 (4x6") photos in 1 hour ( calculated since we pressed PRINT button at WIN Explorer / WIN10 / print speed set at driver to: AUTO )  The result seems to be very nice - a real printing period 13,2 sec   






New printer is designed for serial production, eg the outer covers are made of plastic. Mitsubishi had to invest in expensive molds,
in any case it brings benefits 

- The printer weights only 14kg
- Covers are not prone to scratches
- Mitsubishi can offer printer at a more attractive price

The printer emits sound ONLY for the duration of printing
and immediately switches to sleep mode when printing is finished, turning off the cooling fans.
Silence and quiet operating conditions are very pleasant feature of this new printer




The printer has a power supply / electronics separate from the print unit. The electronics and power supply are cooled in a conventional and transverse fashion by means of fans (shown by the yellow arrows), but the print unit is cooled from the back where cold air is drawn in through the filter and blown forward (gray arrows) to minimize accidental suction of any dust.

This system design will be appreciated by all system integrators and customers operating the printer outdoors




Thanks to the rewind function, you can print on one type of paper CK-M68S prints 10x15, 15x15, 15x20  without any paper or ink sheet exchange, and even if you print only 10x15 prints, owing to the rewind function you will not lose anything from the ink sheet. After printing first 10x15 image ( printer used only first half of ink sheet 15x20), the second 10x15 print will use second  part of 15x20 ink sheet ( the printer must be on ).

If you need to print photos 10x15 very fast one by one, you can install paper CK-M46S, where lengths of ink sheet fits exact to photo 10x15 = photos are always printed immediately ( rewind function is deactivated )

Note. the rewind function is active only when you print the glossy finish of a photo, it is deactivated when printing the semi-gloss







The system IMAGE ANALYZING ENGINE  automatically analyzes and evaluates each file sent to the printer. If bright color image is detected, it is printed in fast mode. But if  there are detected dark images ( evening parties etc ) = it is much better to print such an images more slowly  that the printer has more time to transfer colors into paper /  to print high-contrast colors / generally black color is printed like more black - in this case, the system automatically switches the printer to slower high quality print mode

If you select  MODE AUTO, the printer will print quickly, but in case image analyzing engine meets darekt image, the printer will switch automatically into high quality slower printing mode
= You can print more prints at once and you get allways a good and contrast printouts in shortest possible time !


                     P R I N T E R     D E S C R I P T I O N

Front / rear



Side view






As already mentioned, this printer has the easiest installation / exchange of paper so far.

Exchange / install  the paper while the printer is on. Pull the print unit toward you (PULL) and tilt the top up. Remove the plastic paper strip bin  upwards.

Insert the roll of paper ( blue spool right / white left ) into the printer, remove the sticker, and pull the paper from the roll down under the rollers. It's very simple, plus you have a big indicator on the bottom edge ( see picture below ) that flashes slowly red. Push the paper under rollers so long up you hear an audio signal and the indicator light turns green.

Insert the ink sheet cartridge into the space above the roll of paper and close the printer = put the paper strip bin back, fold the cover down and slide the entire print unit into the printer.
If everything was done ok, the printer prints and cuts automatically 3 white papers / the printer is ready.

      Paper installation label on the printer


INSTALLATION OF PAPER  9x13 / 13x18 cm

If you are using paper rolll width 13cm /  CK-M57S for photo size 9x13 or 13x18, please move with the snap-in plastic paper guide segments ( in the direction of the yellow arrow ).

Conversely, if you are using a 15cm roll width, move the segments further apart, in the direction of the white arrow.       


Both the USB and AC power cord connections are recessed in the printer slots to protect the cable terminals against accidental breakage while keeping the cables from increasing the printer's installation dimensions






              WIN 10 driver installation :   version 1.00    WIN 7 / 8 / 10 ( 32 x 64 bit)


Instalace ovladače
Win 10 

            Install the printer driver for WIN 10 before you connect printer with USB cable to PC !

1  Download the driver
Download the driver to PC ( folder)  to which you wish to connect the printer. The downloaded driver is zipped
    Unpack the driver at folder after download

   Download driver 1.00 for WiN



  Run the driver installation

    Double click ( see picture )  Install_Drv



3  Confirm WIN defender
WIN Defender will ask you about permission to make changes
at your PC.
Confirm  YES 




4  Run the installation wizard
    Press NEXT




5  The Driver has been successfully installed
    Press FINISH



6  Connect the printer to PC
The printer must be turned on, the paper correctly installed in the printer  - no error LED indication ( only green POWER ),  the paper strip bin has to be installed at front panel of the printer

After connecting the USB cable to PC, WIN will do everything automatically - the icon MITSUBISHI CP-M1 will be added to  "Devices and Printers " folder

  7   Set up the driver ( and assign the ICC curve )
Open menu with right-mouse click above icon
MITSUBISHI CP-M1  ( Control Panels / Devices and Printers )

Print preferences - set up the printer driver
- see next chapter
Printer properties - assign FINE / ULTRAFINE ICC according to selected print mode
- see next chapter


                        WIN driver setting :  version 1.00    WIN 7 / 8 / 10 ( 32 x 64 bit)          
Driver options
Win 7-8-10



Print preferences

Paper Size :
Setting of print size acc. to installed media inside printer :

9x13cm / 3,5x5" CK-M57S
10x15cm / 4x6" CK-M46S, CK-M68S
13x18cm / 5x7" CK-M57S
15x20cm / 6x8" CK-M68S

Basic format you can print with WHITE BORDER
( app 5mm white border around photo )

Available square formats :
13x13cm / 5x5"    CK-M57S
15x15cm / 6x6"    CK-M68S

Printer driver enables to split paper sheet  into several print sizes :   
5x15 x2 Type1     CK-M46 / M68 
5x15 x2 Type2     CK-M46 / M68 
This option fits in case you need to print size 5x15 (2 pcs) from media 10x15.

Type 1 .. if you send file (picture 10x15) from computer to printer, printer cuts paper size 10x15 automatically into 2 photos 5x15 ... it means you must prepare before composition of 2 photos placed on one layout 10x15  ( this is necessary when your graphical program is unable to send 2 different images simultaneously to print)

Type 2 .. in this case you can have 2 different files prepared with dimension 5x15 and you can send both simultaneously to printer - printer prints 2 photos 5x15 using only one paper sheet 10x15



Margin Cut Off :
Default OFF, if you activate this function then print will be printed without margin cut

Print pixels :

Information about print resolution for selected media

Selection of orientation Portrait / Landscape 

Optional setting of number of printed copies, which will be  automatically printed after button PRINT is pressed at WIN application

Optional enlargement of printed image scale 25-400%

Bar indicator of remaining amount of ink sheet (actual quantity
750 prints )




Setting of sharpeness, softer or sharper outlines (-3 to +3)
If you activate DETAILS you can set outline correction independly at horizontal / vertical position

Print Mode :
FINE HIGH SPEED :    fast printing
AUTO : Print speed is set automatically depending on the image  ( Image analyzing system )
HIGH QUALITY : slower printing, sharper details  

Print finish:
GLOSSY : glossy finish
MATTE :   the printer prints slower 4th lamination panel, which gets more matt surface.
Note : Rewind function is disabled  using MATTE mode

Waitting for next image : In case you print 2 formats 10x15 from media 15x20/23 you can set waitting time for printing of next image from the same ink sheet field. If you wont activate " Waitting for image ", printing of second image starts immediately after first one was printed out 

Color Matching /  Color conversion
If you activate COLOR MATCHING, colors follow preset ICC curve you have to set at color management and Color conversion at printer is not performed
ICC curve

If you have enabled checkbox at previous menu  - COLOR MATCHING ( colors follow installed ICC)  you need to load the relevant ICC curve to print mode :

CPM1_ST ( ICC for FINE mode )
CPM1_UF ( ICC for ULTRAFINE mode )

To assign ICC you have to enter Printer Properties

Color settings aside
ICC curve


Color adjustments of all colors together (Same),
or one can adjust individually each color R / G / B 

RGB gamma - basic (rough) setting of saturation or setting of one
color tone (-5 to +5)

Gentle adjustment of brightness (Same) or separate brightness
of colors R / G / B -
-128 to +128

Gentle adjustment of contrast (Same) or separateof contrast
of colors R / G / B - 
-128 to +128


Optional creation of specific gamma curve - individual color
adjustment of one color even at selected grade of color tone

                Drivers for MAC  :   version 1.00   OS 10.11 - 10.15 (Catalina)    
                                           Download driver 1.00 for MAC                                   


Print method hermosublimation print, 16.7 mil. colors,  paper packs CK-M46S, CK-M57S CK-M68S

300 x 300 DPI, thermal head 11.8 dots / mm

format 9x13 (CK-M57S)                               1082 x 1550 pixels

format 10x15 (CK-M46S, CK-M68S - 4x6")    1232 x 1852 pixels
format 13x13 (CK-M57S - 5x7")                    1533 x 1550 pixels
format 13x18 (CK-M57S - 5x7")                    1550 x 2134 pixels
format 15x15 (CK-M68S - 6x6")                    1833 x 1852 pixels
format 15x20 (CK-M68S - 6x8")                    1852 x 2434 pixels   
Print sizes /
printing speed
excluding data transfer time


format  9x13         89x127 mm / HIGH SPEED      sec     HIGH QUALITY   sec
format 10x15       152x102 mm / HIGH SPEED 
12 sec     HIGH QUALITY  sec        
format 13x18       127x178 mm / HIGH SPEED       sec   HIGH QUALITY    sec    
format 15x20       152x203 mm / HIGH SPEED       sec   HIGH QUALITY    sec    

AUTO MODE - light images are printer in mode / HIGH SPEED
                      dark images are printed slower in mode HIGH QUALITY  
Memory 128 MB
Interface fast USB 2.0
Operat. conditions temperature 5 do + 350 C, relativ humidity 30%-80% (without condensation), operating attitude + - 50
Power consumption 100-240V AC 50/60Hz, 4A during printing, 1,9W standby
Dimensions (WxHxD) 300 x 350 x 281mm 
Weight 14 kg
Color Black
Accessories Power cable, User Manual, Paper strip bin, Paper catcher
 CP-M1E     639,60 €  Export price without VAT   
Zvl. příslušenství :  
  Paper catcher
 CP - M1E       Consumables - price_list
                                                                Drivers WIN / MAC / firmware         
ICC profile for mode FINE
CC profile for mode ULTRAFINE 2 x 300
    DOWNLOAD       Czech version .pdf                             English version .pdf                                German version .pdf 
                                                                    Brochure                                                  Brochure
       User Manual                                        User Manual                                              Liberek spol. s r. o. User Manual