Color Photo Printer Citizen CZ-01



CZ-01 is a printer of a new category - ULTRA-COMPACT thermal sublimation printers.

The printer is smaller than A4 paper format, dimensions 
20 x 24 x 20 cm.
In addition, the weight is
5.8 kg, while even with the roll of paper and in the Citizen transport bag (available as a separate accessory), the weight is only 7 kg !

It is a truly mobile printer, which women will especially appreciate.  

The printer is very responsive, the actual printing of a 10x15 cm photo takes approx. 18.8 seconds, which is not a top value among sublimation printers, but it makes up for it IMMEDIATELY starting the print from the computer (from any application) without delays caused by data transfer, which pleases and surprises each user. 

Another positive feature of the printer is the color presentation of the printout, where the colors of the printed photo correspond to the printed file - the Citizen company has prepared high-quality ICC curves

If you need to print high-quality photos quickly and in a small space, and the 10x15 cm format is enough for you (photo corners, laboratory and medical applications, mobile applications, home use - hobby photo) and you don't need to print a large number of photos every day, the CZ-01 is certainly an attractive choice

* Printer dimensions 208 x 240 x 198 mm
* Weight 5.8 kg
* Image format 10x15 (11.5 x 20) cm
* Roll of paper contains 150 pictures 10x15 cm
* Printing of GLOSS and POLOMAT laminated photos
* Drivers for WIN / MAC, SDK also available
* USB2.0 interface
* The printer can also be powered from 5V DC



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                                Specific properties


The printer is smaller than A4 paper size



The weight of the printer, including the roll of paper inside and with the transport bag, is 7 kg !

The decurling mechanism (rollers that straighten the printed photo) works really well, which you can see in the comparison picture where there is a printout from the printer and just cut roll paper




An intuitive changing icon in the printer driver will quickly alert you to an open cover or front door, incoming paper or used ink sheet, etc. - see the yellow icon below, a really useful function for quickly finding the cause of the printer's error status



Open the printer box. Remove the box located at the top, which contains the paper catcher to hold the printed photo, the power cord and the safety notice.

Remove the printer upwards, including the foam, then remove all fillings - packaging materials from it

The paper roll holder is located inside the printer (see below)

Note: The printer does not include consumables or a USB cable, it must be ordered at the same time as the printer

             D E S C R I P T I O N  O F  T H E  P R I N T E R

Front / rear






The printer prints on roll paper, when the colors are transferred to the paper by sublimation from a ink sheet ( ribbon), which is heated from above by a thermal head. For one print, you use 15cm paper and at the same time 4 fields of ink sheet (yellow, magenta, cyan and lamination layer), i.e. you have constant costs for 1 picture, regardless of the size and amount of colors on the printed image !


Paper and ink sheet are an integral part of 1 pack of CZ-46PC paper, while the printer paper pack contains 2 rolls of paper and 2 ink sheets ( ribbon) at the same time, i.e.
you can print 300 photos 10x15cm from one pack, see .

Consumables CZ-01

Standard paper Citizen CZ-46PC / standard format 10x15cm

These formats can be printed from the Citizen CZ-46PC package
4 x 3 /
   10 x 7,5 cm
4 x 4 /
   10 x 10 cm  this format can still be cut to 2 x (10x5)
4 x 4,5 /
10 x 11,5 cm
4 x 6 /   
10 x 15 cm this format can still be cut to 2 x (10x7,5)

* if you check the BORDER option in the printer driver (i.e. disable borderless printing), you can print any exact image size (with a white border) on a 10x15cm paper format

Extended paper Citizen CZ-458 / Format 11,5x20cm




Attention : Unpack the ribbon or roll of paper just before installing it in the printer. When unpacking, let them lie down and handle them on the opened packaging material in such a way as to minimize the possibility of dust or any other dirt settling on the paper or ribbon, which subsequently affects the quality of the print !

Remove one ribbon (in white foam) from the CZ-46PC paper package, prepare the ribbon see picture = white shafts ending in gearing please to the left (when handling the ribbon, hold it by the plastic shafts, do not touch the ink sheet itself)


Open the top cover - move the lever in front of the top cover forward, carefully opening the cover is not damped
Insert theribbon diagonally from the top - from the left into the open printer, see picture
Insert the white shafts with the teeth on the left carefully into the teeth in the printer (see enlarged images in Fig. 3 left)
On the right side, push the shafts of the ink sheet into the plastic sleeves until they click (see the enlarged images in Fig. 3 on the left)
- small red arrows show plastic locks
. If the ribbon fits correctly in your bed, please just close the top lid - the installation of the ribbon is complete

Please be careful : when the top lid of the printer is open, do not handle any sharp or hard objects around the printer not to damage the thermal head - it is a sensitive electronic component !


Remove one roll of paper from the CZ-46PC paper package and at the same time remove the paper roll holder from the printer (if you have a new one), see picture
First, open the front door of the printer, which also serves as a box for paper scraps
Towards the front, take out the black plastic paper holder, pull it apart on the right and left parts

The right and left paper holders have a sprung stem so that you can slide it from the side into the paper roll, see image (don't be afraid to push with a higher force) 

NOTE : The sides of the paper holder are doubled, i.e. if you were to use wider paper CZ-458, where the roll has a width of 11.5 cm (instead of 10 cm), you must remove these spacer collars, which are attached to the side of the paper with a bayonet lock (see image on the right)                                                                  



Insert the roll of paper into the printer, remove the fixing sticker and turn on the printer - the switch is located on the back panel, the POWER LED lights up and the ERROR LED starts flashing.
Unroll the paper from the roll downwards (under the rollers)
Once you hear the audio signal, do not rotate the roll anymore
. Close the front door and if everything went well, the printer will automatically cut 3 white papers / the printer is ready. The paper installation guide is located on the back of the front door

Attach (hook to the front panel) the plastic holder for capturing printed photos (included in the printer accessories).


 If you are installing a new printer, you can proceed to install the driver ( WIN / MAC )

                           Installing the WIN driver  :    WIN 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 ( 32 x 64 bit )     


Win driver installation

   First install the driver on the computer, then connect the printer with a USB cable !

1  Download the driver
Download the driver to any folder on the computer you want to connect the printer to. The downloaded driver is zipped, first unzip the driver in the given folder

   Download WIN driver
   Download detailed driver description (EN)


2  Start the driver installation
    Double-click DriverInstall.CMD



3   Select the installation language
     Press OK



4  Start the installation wizard
    Press Next



5  Start the installation
    Press Install





6  Allow the driver to run
    WIN Security requires permission to install
     Confirm Install



7  Driver installation successful
    Press Finish


8  Connect the printer to the PC
The printer must be switched on, paper installed in the printer (the paper was cut automatically 3 times after installation), no error messages must be displayed on the printer, and at the same time you must have the front door closed (plastic box for paper scraps)

After connecting the USB cable, WIN will do everything automatically - an icon will be added to the "Printers and scanners" folder





Set win driver
In the folder "Control panels / All items of control panels / Devices and printers" open with the right mouse button on the Citizen CZ-01 icon, see the image on the right

Print preferences - set the printer driver,
see next chapter


                                  Driver settings WIN 7 / 8 / 10 ( 32 x 64 bit)     
Windows 7-11

Printing Preferences / Layout

Orientation :
Setting the paper orientation - printing in landscape or portrait

Page order
PWhen printing multiple photos, you can set whether to print photos from the first or the last

Pages per sheet

If you enter 4, the image will be printed on 1/4 of the paper surface




Printing Preferences / Advanced

When installing the driver, borderless printing, appropriate ICC, color management will be automatically set for you (a detailed description of all functions is available in the driver download - "Download detailed driver description) - please change only the following in this menu :

Paper/Output - Paper Size :

Setting the image format according to the type of paper installed, 4x6 / 10x15cm paper is installed, i.e. you can print the formats listed in the previous chapter :


Printer features - Overcoat Finish :
By setting Glossy, you will print a photo with a GLOSSY surface. Setting Matte will print photos with a SEMI-MATT surface

Printer features - 2inch cut :
If you ENABLE this function, you can print and cut the picture into 2 and therefore print 2 x (10x5 cm) or 2 x (10x7.5 cm)

Printer features - High quality mode :
Printed according to its purpose, the standard print quality mode of 300DPI is set, if you want to increase the print quality, set ENABLE (the print time will be slightly longer)

  Printing Preferences / Paper/Quality

Color  :

The driver menu is used for multiple printers, do not use the black and white option - even a black and white photo printed in "Color" has the same quality

Advanced ... is the entry to the extended settings - the same as in the previous menu


Printing Preferences / Option

Border :

The printer prints borderless photos by default, if you want to print a photo with a white frame or print the exact size of your photo on 10x15 paper, check "Border "
(or set ENABLE the same functions in the "Advanced" menu)

Sharpness adjustment (-2 to +8)
Color Adjustment
By default, the color rendering of the image is controlled according to the ICC curve, see checked ICM option.
If you are not satisfied with the color output, you have the option to adjust the colors (see the following menu) - in this case, check the last option ICM & Driver (M), when the color of the printout will be governed by ICC and, in addition, by the adjustment you made
Color calibration options - except ICC curve


Printing Preferences / Color Adjustment

Option to set Gamma, Brightness, Contrast at the same time (Sync).
If you uncheck the Sync option, you can set all 3 values in individual components of RGB colors (-100 to + 100 )

Chroma - chromaticity setting

Printing Preferences / Printer info

Very useful information about the status of your printer, where you can see  :

* number of remaining images you can print
* the current status of the printer - warns of an open top or front door, the end of foil or paper, the setting of the print format does not match the format of the installed paper, etc.

* total number of images printed on the printer
* serial number of the printer
* printer firmware version
* ICC curves, according to which the color rendering of prints is governed

                                                     Drivers for MAC OS-X      
                               Download MAC driver

                               Technical specifications

Printing method

Thermo-sublimation, 16.7 million colors on CZ-46PC and CZ-458 papers


300 DPI, thermal head 11.8 points / mm
Basic formats /
print speed
Format 10x15cm  (4x6" / CZ-46PC)           101x152mm       18,8 sec        
Format 10x10cm  (4x4" / CZ-46PC)           101x101mm       16,3 sec
Format 11,5x20cm  (4,5x8" / CZ-458)        114x203mm        23,1 sec
Format 11,5x11,5cm  (4,5x4,5" / CZ-458)   114x114mm       19,5 sec  
Paper roll capacity Format 10x15cm  (4x6" / CZ-46PC)           150 prints from one roll        
Format 10x10cm  (4x4" / CZ-46PC)           150 prints from one roll
Format 11,5x20cm  (4,5x8" / CZ-458)        110 prints from one roll
Format 11,5x11,5cm  (4,5x4,5" / CZ-458)  110 prints from one roll 
Interface / connector Fast USB 2.0 (max 480 Mbps, type B connector)
Operating conditions Temperature 5 to + 350C, relative humidity 35%-80% (without condensation)
Power supply / input 100-240V AC 50/60Hz, 0,8 A when printing, 0,15A standby
Dimensions (W x H x D) 208 x 198 x 240 mm
( with the attached plastic photo holder, the depth is approx. 40 cm)
Weight 5,8 kg ( the printer itself without media )
Color Black
Safety warning, plastic photo holder 10x15, power cord ( the printer has front door-box for paper strips and inside is the paper roll holder)
  Printer price
     Printer Citizen CZ-01
  Bag price
     Transport bag CZ-01
 CZ-01 eshop       Consumables - overview / price list
    DOWNLOAD     CZ Version .pdf                                  EN Version .pdf                                  DE Version.pdf
                                                                  Datasheet                                                Datasheet
    Operating Instructions                       Operating Instructions                           Operating Instructions