New features - program KIOSKGifts  version 3.1 / AIO     



    1   Carousel selection - description of services




When a customer comes to the kiosk with the intention to make a few photos, after selecting service " Prints " program displays a carousel overview of all services. Customer can press the START button and start already selected service, but ...

at the same time he can see all the services ( which are activated by operator ) and from the carousel choice to start any other service

Pictures and a brief description of each service are made so that the customer gets quick visual information about all services.
Please see
for example new module Collages - you can put more images into one layout / print, which corresponds with the title collage,
but from picture you see
you can also produce various kinds of bookmarks

    2   New service - Collages


If you select service Collages ..... 
  Select a collage or bookmarks - bookmarks are either film type ( photo strip - more images ) or bookmarks with one image and your specific text

The bookmarks look great,  if you are a user or potential user of the kiosk, you can send us your digital file and we will make a sample for you ....

If you have selected the collage - please select print size / format to be printed   

Choose layout you like ( there are many of them )

Chose a collection of backgrounds which fit to your images 

Select your favourite images from upper slide .. move them to position on the layout you like with the possibility of later changes or picture adjustments ......

    2   Automatic conversion of video files


Some Smartphones when shooting, they are producing simultaneously short videos, ie kiosk has a very useful function of converting video files into images.
If you load images into the kiosk ( detailed description KIOSKGIFTS 3.1 ) and
program finds video file on your media,  it will offer automatically possibility to convertss this video file to max. 5 single images ...... please see picture

Conversion to single image takes only 1 sec, if you do not want to load video files simply skip this step by pressing " NEXT "  
    4   Greeting Cards   " Valentine´s day "

Mitsubishi permanently expand the use of duplex printer ... see what options you have for example, on Valentine's Day ...

Module Greetings Cards ( only few templates are shown below ) ..  you can insert your picture with your specific text, then the entire layout is printed on the duplex printer ( from both sides )
please fold  format 20x30  in the middle and you get nice folding Greeting Card for your partner !