Transfer of images from KIOSK - AIO to minilab






         HASP Dongle   


                 HASP dongle ( EOUT = EXTERNAL OUTPUT)

                 20" MKG8035
                 23 " MKG8115



HASP Dongle EOUT is new option to kiosk (KIOSKGifts program) which activates the Laboratory Prints / MIT_GEN_200,
so operator can specify photo formats according to minilab possibilities and images are transfered from Kiosk to external devices such as  computer on the minilab

The customer selects / modifies the images at Kiosk which are sent to minilab for processing

You can buy HASP Dongle via

HASP Dongle
        Program algorithm - minilab      





If the customer chooses service on the kiosk :


The next steps will appear ( skipped now )

- Carousel - description of all activated services on the kiosk
- "Conditions" terms of use of the kiosk
- Loading of files to kiosk (different ways) ....

If you are interested about detailed description of all steps, please read

Program AIO / KIOSKGifts 3.3   
When you press button PRINTS on kiosk screen you have 2 options :

Instant prints ( kiosk )
Non-instant prints ( minilab )

If a customer selects NON-INSTANT PRINTS, he can choose images, edit them, and then select photo formats in gloss or matt, for example 9x13 GLOSS, 9x13 MATT, 10x15 GLOSS, 10x15 MATT, 13x18, 15x20, 15x21, 20x30, 30x40, 30x45 etc ...

In this picture you can see formats 9x13 GLOSS, 9x13 MATT, 10x15 GLOSS,


In this picture you can see formats 20x25, 20x30, 30x40

Upon completion of the order, the images will be transferred to the connected computer at the minilab instead of the instant print

        Protocol - minilab      
The whole order is transferred at directory called by the order number ... in the subfolders are individual images and protocol XXX.pds with exact specification of each image

Images are transferred for simplicity in individual folders, ie if a customer selects 2 copies 9x13 gloss from the image, this file will be in the folder
9 x 13 GLOSS / subfolder X02 9x13 LESK .. where X02 means multiplicity ie 2 photographs of 9x13cm format, please see picture