Program KIOSKGifts  version 3.4.3 / AIO     











Program KIOSKGifts 3.4.3 / OS WIN 7/10 is designed for  :
Mitsubishi KIOSKGifts AIO  20 - 23"
1920 x 1080
        Improved program algorithm      
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Customer can select desired service in the start menu, language selection ( for foreign tourists) and prices are located on the bottom bar.

Easygifts Calendars
Easygifts Album 
Easygifts Book
Double-sided prints
On-line Kioskgifts
DVD/CD burning

After selecting the service, one can see or skip all activated services on the kiosk

In next step customer confirms terms and conditions


You can load files into the Kiosk following ways :

from any Digital Camera Card
from  USB Flash Disk
from CD/DVD  
from telephone via Bluetooth
from Smartphone iPhone / Android via USB
from Smartphone iPhone / Android via WIFI

Loading files from iPhone / Android

If kiosk is on-line :

from Facebook  / Flickr / Instagram / Picasa

If you press "Camera Card"  - animation helps you
to push Memory Card into proper slot and correctly oriented


If you press " USB "  - animation shows you
where to insert USB memory 

If you press " CD / DVD "  -  DVD-ROM gets open on the  terminal 

If you press  "Smartphone USB" - you can connect phone to the cable which comes from kiosk ( there are 3 different cables, each with specific connector for iPhone / iPad / Android ) and this simple way to transfer images


If you press  " Bluetooth "  please open the gallery of your images at your phone and select / send them via Bluetooth to detected device : Kiosk 1

If you press  " Smartphone WIFI"  you can transfer your images to kiosk fast and wireless way - please read detailed description :

Smart Photo Print App



SELECT ALL FILES -  load all files into browser

SELECT FOLDERS - if you have more images on your media, possibility to load pictures ONLY from selected subfolders shortens meaningfully time necessary to load and display pictures
SELECT BY DATE - fast selection of images acc. to date when they were captured ... for example images you made last week



If you have chosen SELECT FOLDERS  :

All folders created on the media are displayed at the menu including few images which are inside of each folder, so user can easily select and
PUSH concrete folder - all images from this folder (only) will be loaded and displayed at browser

 select your  photos ...

Browser - all thubnails (which you can enlarge) are dispayed and outlined by red frame (trim which will be printed in reality). Selection of image to be printed is done by touch - selected image is identified with green flag showing number of copies you have set.

One can edit picture with button " Retouch" - to trim picture, to remove red eyes, to convert image into BW or sepia photo,  to set autocalibration,
to adjust manually



Automatic enhancement optimizes BRT / CONT / colors of each image, so instead of manual adjustment of each image you can apply this functions generally for all images you wish to print



Do you wish photos with glossy or semi-matte finish ?


Do you wish to have white border around photo ?




Final Invoice is displayed,  one can finish the Order or to continue with other services like calendar,  Easyalbum ......





Not to forget media inside of kiosk, customer is asked to pull out his media ...

Payment options :
Print receipt
If you connect to kiosk receipt printer, customer gets receipt he can pay at the counter. Operator unblocks kiosk ( with password or remote keyboard ) and after this kiosk starts to carry on printing jobs

Without receipt
If you see direct to kiosk screen ( small space ), customer can pay according to displayed total Price ..
again you can easily unblock kiosk with keyboard.
It is possible to hide displayed keypad so customer can see only total price and nothing else.


All printing or burning tasks are done at final step, customer can see progress of his order