Gel color photoprinter  A3  Ricoh SG7100DN



Gel A3 printer with GELJET
TM  print technology, design very similair to smaller A4 model SG3110DN. Fast printing,  reliability, gel ink that will not dry in the nozzles - that all made this printer worldwide popular for application sublimation printing on ceramics / textile.

There are described below only user-specific properties, which fit for sublimation imprinting.

Specific features :
trouble free GEL INK   
fast printing
*  interface USB / LAN
*  paper weight  60-163g/m2
*  minimal power consumption / standby 1,1W



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                                Specific features

Front  / rear panel









Optional paper tray

The printer can be equipped with additional paper trays, picture shows lower optional paper tray.

Installation of  A4 / A3 paper to separate paper tray





First installation of cartridges

Unpack the printer

* Open small door at front panel ( see picture,
recess for fingers is in the upper part of plastic )

* Insert all 4 ink cartridges ( acc to colors)
use only spec. cartridges Sawgrass
 ...  All while printer is turned off  !

* Turn ON the printer ( but do not connect printer to PC ) - printer starts by pumping ink. This only happens the first time and it takes app 7 minutes before printer is  -  READY




Paper installation

Pull out the paper tray and install sublimation paper 
( whiter ) side DOWN
If you are using Liberek sublimation paper,  you can more easily to install paper under artificial light, where you see much better difference between front / rear side of sublimation paper

if you install paper wrong - printed image on wrong side has much less contrast.



Driver installation

Driver is installed at 2 steps - install driver to your computer
( without connected printer ) - installation is complete after connecting printer to computer

Printer can be connected via USB or LAN, our recommendation is LAN






ICC profile installation

You need to to install specific ICC profile for Sawgrass ink and specific ICC profile for Sublisplash ink

Custom installation - browse to locate the appropriate ICC Profile.
Place the cursor on the file and press right mouse button - from the expanded menu, select 'Install Profile'.
The profile has been installed on your PC (
no confirmation is shown on screen).
To confirm the profile is installed ‘Right Click’ on the file again, the menu will show ‘Uninstall Profile’ don’t choose anything on this menu, just click off screen to cancel.

Driver configuration / Color management

For correct color output, it is necessary to configure the driver.
If you print from applications like Corel / Photoshop you have to set color management.

More detail concerning - driver installation / driver configuration / specific ICC profile / Color Mangement, pls contact Liberek
( Team Viewer ).



Cartridge exchange

If the printer announce " low ink" please do not exchange cartridges
until you see arrow above concrete color ( see picture )



Cleaning of print heads / nozzles

Ricoh printers with gel ink are (from our experience) reliable / fast / ink doesnt dry inside of nozzles, anyhow if some stripe or blurred colors appear on your printout - please perform head cleaning

PATH :  Printer Properties / Printing Preferences / Maintenance /  Head cleaning    
.. select head 1 or head 2 ( according to color which makes problem )

Please note !
Head cleaning consumes ink, so perform cleaning only it is really necessary, otherwise you waste with ink ( cartridges )  and you fill ink collector




Printer handling

If you are using printer for some time, please keep in mind that your printer performs automatic maintenance and you have residual ink at ink collector.
If you have to move with the printer, make sure
the printer is not turned "upside down" because residual ink may contaminate the inside of the printer.


Print technology Gel ink GELJET-TM
Resolution 3600 x 1200 DPI  
Print speed First print output speed  A4 : 8 sec
Memory 32MB RAM
Interface USB 2.0 /  LAN
Paper tray  250 sheets / paper weight 60-105g/m2
Service life app 150.000 pages, duty cycle 10.000 pages per month
Power consumption 220-240V / 1.1W standby, max 26,2 W
Dimensions (WxHxD) 529 x 212 x 509mm
Weight 14,7 kg
Color white / light grey
Accessories USB cable, Power cable, CD with drivers
  Ricoh 7100DN      956 EUR ( without VAT )
  Optional paper tray      179,60 EUR ( without VAT )
 Cartridges for sublimation printing :    
  Sublijet R 
    69,6 EUR ( without VAT )  cartridge 68ml yellow  Sawgrass 
  Sublijet R 
    69,6 EUR ( without VAT )  cartridge 68ml magenta  Sawgrass 
  Sublijet R 
    69,6 EUR ( without VAT )  cartridge 68ml cyna  Sawgrasss 
  Sublijet R 
    69,6 EUR ( without VAT )  cartridge 75ml black  Sawgrass 
    66,4 EUR ( without VAT )  cartridge 70ml yellow  Sawgrass 
    66,4 EUR ( without VAT )  cartridge 70ml magenta  Sawgrass 
    66,4 EUR ( without VAT )  cartridge 70ml cyna  Sawgrasss 
    66,4 EUR ( without VAT )  cartridge 77ml black  Sawgrass 
   Inks / papers       Sublimation_paper_list

      Ink cartridge_list