Laser photo printer A4   OKI Pro7411WT



A4 color laser printer with LED technology that belongs to a specific line of
OKI  "white toner printers".
The main difference against other OKI printers is usage of white toner instead of black one

This unique feature allows printing to dark subjects (all colors up to black) as the printer can print an image on a transfer paper that creates a white background on the ceramic / textile under its own image.

Unlike the sublimation printing that is designed for white surfaces,  the OKI system perfectly complements the possibility of printing on colored (dark) surfaces.

In the following we will not describe the possibilities of duplex printing etc., but only specific user properties suitable for transfer  applications -
since it is A4 model, we will focus on the imprinting of solid materials - ceramics (mugs), glass ...

Specific features and printer options:
* White toner
* Color print on dark objects
* Elegant print only with white
* Unique print with gold or silver foil
* Only 1 sheet transfer system !
* Paper weight up to 250 g / m2
* Fast printing / network printer / low operating costs



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                                Specific features

Front  / rear panel









Installation of toner cartridges

After unpacking the printer, please remove the protective tapes from the printer ( printer must be OFF ):

* Press the button ( Toner Cartridges as shown above) and fold up the cover ( see right picture )

* Starter toners are already installed in the printer, but they have a protective red tapes that need to be removed ... remove the toner and fuser upright direction, carefully remove the tapes and slide it back,
do not touch the lower (green) very sensitive optical drum
Optical drum cant be exposed to normal room light for more than 5 minutes  ! Never expose the drum to direct sunlight !

The fuser unit is locked in the position with blue levers (see next picture)

* Everything is clearly shown on paper guide ( right side from toners )   






Paper installation

Use multi purpose tray for heavier transfer papers as it is designed for media up 250g / m2 and at the same time the paper runs through the printer more straight way

Open multi function paper tray and install transfer paper print side
The stacked paper is locked with a blue lever.

For printing onto hard surfaces ( Mugs, glassware etc.)
Use paper :

Multi-Trans A4  

Example of white toner printing ( single-sheet transfer ):

  To print with metallic foils ( company logos  etc.)
you have to open the back tray so that the transfer paper runs straight through the printer ( without any bend ).

For printing onto hard surfaces ( Mugs, glassware etc.)
Use paper :
Multi-Trans Silver / Gold  

Example ( single-sheet transfer ):


  You can use OKI printing on the entire range of white ceramics we supply.
Color Mugs (current offer) is here:

Color Mugs


Driver installation

Driver is installed at 2 steps - install driver to your computer
( without connected printer ) - installation is complete after connecting printer to computer
CD / Driver is supplied with printer, but please check actual version  on web OKI / link :

Printer can be connected via USB or LAN




Driver configuration / Color management

After installing the driver, open folder Devices and printers and right-click Pro7411WT(PS)  icon to open fold-down menu and select 
Printing Preferences




  ( pls keep default setting )


Page orientation - Portrait / Landscape / Rotated landscape 

Page Order :
Printing of pages in forward or reverse order

Pages per sheet :
You can set more pages to print on one sheet A4


Paper / Quality

Paper Source ::
Set multi purpose tray - Multi Purpose Tray
( for transfer media )

Color Mode:



Advanced options

Change the following options marked yellow against default setting  :

ICM Method:
Because printer uses white toner instead of black, select
ICM Handled by Printer

ICM intent
If you print bitmap images select Pictures
( if you print vector design, select
Graphics )

Media Check  :
If you automatically check paper on the feeded tray which is in use, printer may evaluate the paper as inappropriate.If you use the same transfer media, it is easier to turn off this option - OFF 

Media Type:
Set media type according its weight, for Multi-Trans media use setting 

Tray switch :
If paper runs out of the multi purpose tray, the printer feeds automatically media from standard trays, it is better to disable this option so you are sure you use corrrect transfer media -
  Job Options

Quality :
High Quality -
use for glass or surface where you need maximum of white toner to create good white background and saturated image

Normal  - use for printing onto metallic transfer media ( silver or golden ), when image is printed using 100% black toner ( white toner must be switched off , see further ) 

Set how many copies you want to print

Optional enlargement of printed image, scale 1-1000%

Special - Mirror Print:
Mirror rotation of printed image



Color Mode :
Defaul setting is Color print

Print Mode :

White ON -
use this selection for all images your are going to transfer to color ( dark ) surface where white toner is essential

White OFF -
switch off white toner if you print to transfer media Forever Multi-trans metallic ( silver or gold ).
You have to print using 100% black color 



Print technology Color laser printer with LED technology
Resolution Multi-level technology ProQ2400, 1200 x 600 DPI, 600x600DPI  
Print speed 9 sec color A4 / warm up time 60sec from power on and 35 sec from power save
Memory 256 MB RAM
Interface USB 2.0 /  10/100-TX Ethernet
Printer languages PostScript 3 emulation
Network / protocols
All major protocols supported via ethernet card with internal web server for printer and and network card set-up and management TCP/IP: ARP, IPv4/v6, ICMPv4/v6, TCP, UDP, LPR,FTP, TELNET, HTTP(IPP), BOOTP, DHCP, SNMPv1/v3, DNS, DDNS,UPnP, Bonjour, WINS, SSL/TLS, SMTP, POP3, SNTP, WSDPrint, JetDirect protocols. NetBIOSoverTCP, NetWare 3.x, 4.x, 5.x a 6 with full NDS and NDPS support:- PServer, RPrinter, NDPS supported via dedicated OKI NDPS Gateway. AppleTalk:- ELAP, AARP, DDP, AEP, NBP, ZIP, RTMP, ATP, PAP. NetBEUI:- SMB, NetBIOS
OS compatibility
Windows XP Home / XP Professional (32-bit & 64-bit) / Server 2003 (32-bit & 64-bit) / Server 2008 (32-bit & 64-bit) / Server
2008 R2 (64-bit) / Vista (32-bit & 64-bit) / 7 (32-bit & 64-bit) / 8 (32-bit & 64-bit) / 10 (32-bit & 64-bit); OS X 10.11; OS X 10.10;
OS X 10.9; OS X 10.8; OS X 10.7; Mac OS X 10.6; Mac OS X 10.5
Paper tray use mutli purpose tray using transfer media, paper weight 64-250 g/m2
Power consumption 220-240V / 600 W typical, max 1300W, idle 100W,  power save 15 W; sleep 1,2 W
Noise level operating 54 dB(A), standby 37 dB(A)
Operating conditions 10 C up 32 C / relative humidity 20 % up 80 %
Dimensions (WxHxD) 435 x 547 x 389 mm
Weight 29 kg
Color white / grey
Accessories Starting set of toner cartridges,  Power cable, CD with drivers, Set-up quide
  OKI Pro7411WT     Price offer upon request       
 Toner Cartridges :  
  Toner cartridge 
    134,80 EUR ( without VAT )  toner cartridge with capacity app 11.500 pages A4 
  Toner cartridge   
    134,80 EUR ( without VAT )  toner cartridge with capacity app 11.500 pages A4   
  Toner cartridge  
    134,80 EUR ( without VAT )  toner cartridge with capacity app 11.500 pages A4   
  Toner cartridge   
    339,20 EUR ( without VAT )  toner cartridge with capacity app 11.500 pages A4   
   Inks / papers       Forever_papers_list

Toners _list
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