About e-shop

Thank you very much for your interest about our e-shop.  Please find below 4 tips  to make your purchase fast and comfortable ...    
    1/ Selection of language / currency

Immediately you enter the e-shop, please select your language (at upper right corner)

Once EN / DE is selected, the currency is automatically switched to EUR (see picture).
    2/ Prices incl. VAT / without VAT

If you open selected category of goods (symbol PLUS is changed to MINUS) on the left side, you can see all products at all subcategories  ..

Price to each product is shown in color :
 without VAT for corporate or worldwide customers
green   incl. VAT for EU end-customers

Note - if you are EU customer and you have valid VAT registration, you purchase without VAT (acc. to EU rule). Deduction of VAT will be done at last step before you confirm your Order.
(the same is valid for all worldwide end-customers where goods has to be declared before export).

    3/ Postage / Freight 

When you put selected item into shopping cart, you can see there immediately - price including VAT and postage.

As selection of carrier / all datas where are you from (country) you fill in next steps, currently displayed postage is NOT correct !

Note - correct postage, deduction of freight if your total purchase is over set limit ... that all will be done in next steps.

Please find below limits for purchase without freight charges and shipping valid for single countries (how they are calculated finally by eshop) :

    The amount for free shipping -  postage / freight is free :

All Orders over > 320 EUR without VAT (valid for  DE, AT )
    All Orders over > 500 EUR without VAT (valid for   BE, DK, EE, FR, HU, LU, LV, LZ, PL, SI )
    All Orders over > 1000 EUR without VAT (valid for  BG, FI, GB, IE, IT, RO, SE )
Postage for service DHL PAKET International / German Post (Deutsche Post) acc. to weight (for all Orders below limit for free shipping)

Weight             for DE           for all EU members   worl zone 2 (non EU)   world-zone 3           world zone 4
0-5 kg               6.99 EUR                17 EUR                     30 EUR                  36 EUR                   43 EUR    
5-10kg              8.49 EUR                22 EUR                     35 EUR                  48 EUR                   60 EUR             
10-20kg           14.99 EUR                32 EUR                     50 EUR                  69 EUR                   93 EUR
20-30kg           14.99 EUR                42 EUR                     55 EUR                  94 EUR                  125 EUR

Freight for DPD Classic / DPD for parcel 0 - 31,5 kg  ( same price regardles weight up 31.5 kg)

13  EUR - shipping valid for country DE
14  EUR - AT, PL, HU
21  EUR - BE, EE, FR, IT, LU, LV, LZ, NL, CH, GB
31  EUR - BA, BG, DK, ES, FI, GR, NO, PT, RO, SE, SRB
    4/ Purchase WITH and WITHOUT registration

If you press "Check out",  you have to decide to purchase with / without registration.

You can purchase without registration - but you have to fill in all required fields (marked with symbol), see picture.

If you decide to register, it means you insert your e-mail address and system will send you specific password, you do not need to fill in anything next time and your Orders are memorized, so you can see list of all your last Orders, button
 " History and details of your orders".

Wishing you a pleasant purchase  ....