Color photo printer  Epson A3 EcoTank (7750)




For sublimation A3 size printing it is suitable to use Epson printers, both EcoTank and WorkForce

The EcoTank printer is described here

For the
EcoTank printer Epson ET-7750 ( Epson Micro Piezo TM ) Sublisplash ink is supplied at special 80ml bottles.
These inks can generally be used in all Epson
EcoTank printers. If you buy a Sublisplash printer and ink from us - there is a 1-year warranty on the entire set.
Of course, you can buy a printer from PC wholesalers and buy only sublimation ink from us.
When purchasing ink, we will provide you with the ink a free ICC profile / specific printer driver settings as well as settings for Corel / Photoshop.

Currently, ICC profiles (and specific settings) are available for the following EcoTank printer models:

ET 2700
ET 7750
ET 15000

Only specific properties used for sublimation printing of ceramics / textiles are described below

The EcoTank system does not use ink cartridges, but ink is supplied direct to the printer's large-capacity tanks in a simple yet completely clean way ( no risk of splashing ) from separate bottles.

Specific features :
* High quality homogeneous printing
* Very low printing costs
* USB / LAN / WIFI interface
* Paper weight 64-300g / m2
* A4 / 100-sheet tray and A3 rear feeder 



    We recommend investing in the more expensive A3 EcoTank printer wherever A3 formats are printed very often
  Ink filling, maintenance of the printer is described here ---- ( what is similar for all EcoTank models ), however due to the rapid models change
  of A3 printer models, the currently offered model will be listed in the e-shop                   

EPSON Exceed Your Vision   EPSON Exceed Your Vision       EPSON Exceed Your Vision       EPSON Exceed Your Vision       EPSON Exceed Your Vision       EPSON Exceed Your                         
                                Specific features





The front panel has all buttons you need
to operate the printer






Initial ink installation

After unpacking the printer:
* Open the top cover of the scanner, then the smaller cover to the right above the ink tanks and prepare the Sublisplash ink bottles.

You will need 2x black and 1x magenta / cyan / yellow ink

Fill Ink with the printer turned off !

Pull up the blue lever up (small red arrow) - you can start from the left side / black ink while unscrewing the plastic cap from the Sublisplash K  ( black )

Turn the bottle down ( it is sealed, nothing will flow out ) and place it ORIENTED (ie the wings longitudinally) into the slot of the black tank (see picture) .... ink will gradually flow out of the bottle. If the ink does not flow, you can try to eject / retract the bottle or turn it very very slightly "left / right" in the retracted state.
Do not shake / squeeze the bottle under any circumstances - the ink will leak out by itself

Fill the tank up to the top line ( marked in
red ), then remove the bottle, close the lid well and keep the rest for refilling ( store the bottles upright )

Close the cartridge lever and repeat the process for all ink tanks - each ink color in the same color-coded tank

Finally, close the tank cover and the scanner cover





Turn ON the printer 

Connect the supplied power cord to the back of the printer and plug it into a 220V outlet

Make sure you have removed all fillings from the printer and turn on the printer using the POWER button on the front panel - then initialize printer from the front panel / menu on the LCD




Initializing the printer 

Use the up / down arrows to select the language and press OK to confirm

When the initialization / preparation start appears,
press and hold
pressed the OK button for 3 seconds

Press the
START button to start pumping ink from the tanks into the printer. This process takes about 7 minutes. Do not lift the scanner lid or turn off the printer while pumping

When finished, press the
OK button and menu changes to the quality adjustment.
Follow the on-line help until the menu changes to the paper installation again



Paper installation

You can load A6-A3 paper in the printer ( described A3 / A4 )

Paper A3

For the A3 size, you have a rear feeder where you can load max 10 pcs of papers.
Install the sublimation paper with the
print ( whiter ) side UP

When you load paper in the Rear Tray, the printer automatically detects it and asks you for the paper size / type of paper loaded. See menu on the right:

.... if you have already made the settings ( as in our case) just confirm everything with the
OK button.

However, if you are making the settings for the first time, scroll down to
Change and press OK to open the size selection - select and confirm OK and menu moves automatically to the paper type selection. You confirm everything with OK

For sublimation printing we recommend paper:

Subli papers A3 / A4
or TexPrint R A3 / A4

From the paper menu, select Prem. Semigloss




Paper A4

For A4 size, you have a front tray that can hold up to 100 papers ( adjust the plastic guides inside the tray for this size, the stack of paper must not extend over the plastic sides of the paper tray ).
Install the sublimation paper with the print side 
( whiter ) side DOWN

If you make a mistake and install the paper upside down - nothing happens - only after the proof is printed on the wrong side, the printed image is noticeably less contrasting.

As with A3, when the paper is loaded in the Front Tray ( Cassette 2 ), the printer automatically detects it and asks you for the paper size / type of paper you loaded.
See menu on the right, pls do everything in the same way as for A3 paper





Before printing


* Tilt up the front LCD panel
* Tilt the front A4 tray forward and down
* Pull out the plastic support for prints

Again, if you don't do something, the LCD will inform you




Driver installation

There are 2 optional drivers. Standard driver from Epson for which  specific ICC profile for Sublisplash ink is prepared. Both are free

The driver is on the installation CD of the printer (WIN 7-10 / X64, X86)
and at the same time you can download it from the Epson website, at this moment, this driver can be downloaded  here :

The second alternative is the special Sublisplash Magic Driver, which adjusts / converts colors for optimum results by itself, but it's a paid alternative.

Drivers ( USB) are installed in two steps - the first step driver is installed to the computer ( without connected printer ) - the second step - connect printer to PC via USB

The printer can be connected via USB and LAN / WIFI           







For Sublisplash ink and Epson standard driver
it is necessary to install a specific ICC profile

ICC installation - save the profile to a folder.
Then place the cursor on this file and press right
mouse button - select 'Install Profile' from the expanded menu.
The profile has been installed on your computer.

This action is not confirmed by any information
ICC profile assignment is done subsequently in Corel / Photoshop application ...
     ICC profile installation


     Download ICC_sublisplash_epn+_epson7750_icc





Driver configuration / Color management

When using the standard driver, it is absolutely necessary for the correct color output to make specific settings off the driver / ICC profile, but also to set  the application program you are using - the Color Management settings differ for Corel / Photoshop and its individual versions.

Specific printer settings ( depending on your application ) we can send you per email  after you purchase the printer.
Optionally adjustment can be done remote via TeamViewer   

Please contact Liberek



You have the first choice in the MAINTENANCE main menu

Nozzle check .. Print a test page to see all colors are printed fully ( without interruption )



Then you can do ( according to on-line help )

* Head cleaning
* Powerful cleaning
* Head alignment / registration


Maintenance box 

If the maintenance box ( ink collector ) becomes full, you need to replace it, one replacement is included with the new printer



Printer handling

If you fill the ink tanks and the collection container gradually fills up over time - make sure the printer is ALWAYS hat orizontal position when the printer is moved / transported, otherwise the ink may contaminate the inside of the printer.        

Print technology Epson Micro Piezo TM
Resolution 5760 x 1440 DPI / 360 nozzles black, 180 nozzles per color / min droplet size 1,5pl  
Print speed A4 :  app 1,5 minutes
A3 :  app 2 minutes
Costs per 1 print -
ink Sublisplash
A4 : app 0,15 - 0,2 EUR without VAT   ( 6 images to print std Mug fits to 1 A4 format )
A3 : app 0,3 - 0,35 EUR 
Interface USB /  LAN / WIFI
Paper tray 100 sheets A4 / 10 sheets A3 / paper weight 64-300g/m2
Power consumption 100-240V / 50-60Hz, 0.9W sleep mode, cca 13W  
Dimensions (WxHxD) 526 x 168 x 415 mm
Weight 10,5 kg
Color Black
Accessories Power cable, Maintenance box ( ink collector ), CD with manual / driver, Setup guide
  Epson EcoTank        eshop printer Epson A3 EcoTank  
  Sublisplash Magic
  driver ( option)
        119.6 € (without VAT)
  Maintenance box         C13T04D000
   Bottles for sublimation printing :    
  Sublisplash  80ml       eshop ink to Epson EcoTank
Sublimation papers  
 Sublimation papers      
eshop papers for sublimation print