B&W digital printer Mitsubishi P95DW-DC



P95DW-DC is the thermal printer with digital interface USB 2.
minimized size / weight and 24V DV power supply intended to integration into CT / MRT  for printing of photo-realistic BW images size 100x75 up to panaroma 450 x 100 Liberek spol. s r. o. mm.

Specific features :

* print speed / image 100x75 is printed during 4.9 sec
* minimized dimensions 154 x 84.5 x 130 mm  !
* minimized weight 1.6 kg !
* drivers under WIN 7 / 8 / 10 including Mac OS and LINUX
* print to 5 various thermal papers acc. to your preference
  KP61B-CE / KP63HM / KP65HM-CE / KP91HG-CE / KP95HG

Printed image can be automatically equipped with
date / time or specific comment (consisting maximally from 34 characters) which is placed below the image,  one printout can be split into 4 different images .. all optimized for perfect medical documentation.
Simple operation from front panel buttons, easy and fast exchange of paper within few seconds, maintenance free operation are bases for long-term and troublefree usage, on the other side 7 different picture formats, sophisticated possibilities of driver with individually adjustable gamma curve for precise adjustment of printer to fit maximally to any application.



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                              Specific features

New details
for your




Easy exchange of paper roll - front door is opened simply
by pressing of  newly placed button OPEN ( button Power
is located on the rear panel )

Intuitive brightness / contrast adjustment - press button BRT which enlights green LED indication (BRT like brightness) and with clockwise turning of knob you increase brightness of image (up to value +19), counterclockwise turning of knob makes image darker (up to value -19)    


Front / rear panel




WIN 7 / 8 / 10


Printer is supplied with CD / driver WIN 7 / 8 / 10 with following options :

Paper type : setting of paper which is installed at printer
                     standard paper - KP61B
                     high density - KP65HM 
                     high glossy - KP91HG
                     new high glossy
KP95HG *

* KP95HG
is top quality paper especially developed for printer P-95XX
                with super glossy surface and ultra contrast

Paper size :
1280x960 standard size 100x75cm
                    1280x1920 big size (side print)
                    1280x5760 panoroma print, length 45cm
640x480    4-split image

Orientation : Portrait or Landscape print

Print effect :  Mirror : it reverses print output
                     Rotate: print output is rotated about 180 degrees

Copies : setting of number of printouts (one can copy easily with button
              COPY on the front panel of printer too)

Continuous print :
if selected, the same image is printed
                             up to paper runs out.

Scaling : enlargement of image can be set 10 - 400%
Enlarge image to fit paper :  if selected image is printed to fit
                                             to paper size.

Interpolation :  Nearest neighbor / Bilinear / Bicubic
                        (selection of interpolation method of the image)

Paper saving : OFF/ON when selected printer FEEDs shorter
                        lenght of paper than normally

Margin after printing :  setting of bottom print margin 4-8 mm

Buzzer sounds : OFF/ON_LOW/ON_HIGH
                          buzzer switch OFF or ON at lower / higher volume
Comment : OFF/Print setting/DATE/DATE&TIME aut. setting
                  of datas which are printed below the image

Split position :  setting of start position of image on split print


Setting of brightness / contrast of the printout can be done easily with buttons on front panel of the printer, if you are not satisfied with results, driver enables to adjust :

Gamma:  selection of optimal gamma curve r5 / r4 / r3 / r2 /r1 / LUT

Simple : Brightness / contrast can be set ( -127 up to +127)

Advanced :
Adjustment of brightness / contrast with help of gamma
                   curve enables to modify specific tones
I/O value display

Axis X displayes 256 grades of tones / black - to white, it means shift to right direction is change to brighter tones !
Axis X represents input datas / source image (gradation value before adjustment).
Axis Y is analogical, but displayes output datas (gradation value after adjustment), it means which way the image will be printed.

Default setting - gamma curve is linear (0, 0) - (255, 255), image is printed the same way as the source file.

If you catch with mouse some point on the gamma curve and you move with this point direction +Y, you assign to current tone on the axis X higher (more bright) tone at the output  = printed image will be brighter.  Analogical way you can make make printout darker - move curve direction -Y.

If you catch one point on the gamma curve, modified is whole gamma curve, if you move with point direction +Y you will in fact increase brightness of all tones.
But you can catch more points, it means you can adjust individually output value of any tone 0-255 acc. to your requirements.


Technical specification

Print method thermal printing on thermal sensitive papers KP61B / KP65HM / KP91HG / KP95HG  
Resolution 1280 dots x 960 (standard print size), 325 DPI thermal head 12.8 dots / mm 
Print sizes / printing speed

NORMAL       100x75 mm / 4.9 sec (1280x960)
                    100x80 mm   (1280x1024) 
1 : 1              100x100 mm (1280x1280) 
1 : 1.5           100x150 mm  (1280x1920) 
PANORAMA  100x450 mm  (1280x5760)
4 different       100x100 mm  (1280x1280)  interpolation 640x640
4 different       100x75 mm    (1280x960)  interpolation 640x480
Driver options
WIN 7 / 8 / 10

- adjustment of paper size
- mirror print /
image printed turned 1800
inverse print
- adjustment of sharpness
- adjustment of brightness / contrast
- date / time comment or 40 characters comment
- 4-split print (4 different images on one sheet)
- 5 pre-defined gamma curves
- specific adjustment of gama curve
- paper saving mode
Printer settings 5 gamma curves, BRT / CONTRAST / SHARPNESS of image
Memory 8 MB RAM
Interfaces USB 2.0
Operat. conditions  5 to + 400 C, rel. humidity 20-80%
Power requirements 24 V DC ( +20%, -15% )
Power connector Tyco Electronics D 3000 ( 2 poles)  
Power consumption 3.5 during printing
Dimensions (WxHxD) 154 x 84.5 x 130 mm 
Weight 1.6 kg
Norms / Approvals P95DW-DC comply with Class A digital device, Candian ICES-003
Accessories Power cable, cleaning sheet, 1 roll KP95HG paper, USB cable, Operation and Installation Manual, CD with the driver for WIN 7 / 8 / 10 , ( bush + cover + holder +core + screw )
 Printer P95DW-DC      529,20 € (without VAT)
 DC connector         3,56 € (without VAT)
 DC connector /
    DC connector

       Consumables  price-list
                                                                Drivers for WIN / MAC / LINUX
    DOWNLOAD    Czech version .pdf                             English version .pdf                                  German version .pdf 
                                                                      User Manual
                                                                      Installation Manual