Photo Printer CP3800DW 20x25 / 20x30 20x10,20x13,20x15,20x20  



CP-3800DW is new sublimation printer format 20x25 / 20x30 based on succesfull roll type technology !

Specific features :
GLOSSY and MATTE printing from the same standard
paper roll 

* superb quality of printing 300 / 600 DPI
* silent and borderless printing
* surprisingly compact / small dimensions (printer A4)
* connectivity to Mitsubishi systems and to standard PCs

Additional advantage of printer, mainly for event photo - paper doesnt
come out from machine during printing, only final print is pushed out ..
better protection against dust etc.
You can connect printer to standard WIN PC / Mac and to all  
Mitsubishi system (red) printers (Click / Kiosk)




Mitsubishi Electric Changes for the Better - Mitsubishi Electric Changes for the Better - Mitsubishi Electric Changes for the Better - Mitsubishi Electric Changes for the Better - - Mitsubishi Electric Changes for the Better                                  
                                Specific features

Print speed

(to compare start both
videos simultaneously)








As you can see from picture, outside dimensions of printer are really only slightly bigger than paper format - easy placement in the shop and smooth transport.

Ideal choice to kiosk (Click) Mitsubishi for portrait matte photos, frames, calendars  ... via weekend for event photo in connection with your laptop

Perfect solution for Event business ..  Greetings Cards, Calendars, Portrait photos from Kiosk / Click / PC


Front / rear panel






WIN driver options - print sizes 






Mitsubishi supplies 2 types of paper :

CK3810 - borderless print 20x25cm
CK3812 - borderless print 20x30cm

Aside these 2 basic formats, printer driver enables to split one paper sheet  into several print sizes (for example panaroma prints), please see picture -

8x4" (20x10cm)
8x5" (20x13cm)
8x8" (20x20cm)

Example - you can select 3 images direct at WIN (My computer) and
if you press button PRINT  (under right mouse button) with selection 
(8x4) x 3 ... there will be printed 3 different photos, each format 10x20 cm from one paper sheet of CK3812 (20x30) - printer will cut out automatically exact dimensions, so no additional cut of border stripes.

M_(8x4) x 3 fits in case you have prepared layout 20x30 (composition of 3 photos 10x20 on one page 20x30) - printer cutts
paper  into 3 photos 10x20cm






Depends on what you wish to print  glossy / matte finish, please
set at " Overcoat finish"  :

Glossy - if you wish to print GLOSSY finish
Matte -
if you wish to print MATT finish



Media installation





Open sliding printing unit (1), push blue lever (2) which unlocks tilt cover ... it lifts up automatically.





Remove plastic strip bin ( please empty it, if it is full with stripes
from previous roll) 

...  and insert paper roll to opened printing unit as shown on the picture       



of ink-sheet cartridge


Ink-sheet cartridge is inserted to fully opened prining unit
from above, see picture




Simple / safe handling with printer -  event photo business - 
Liberek offers new travel case designed especially for this printer
(outside dimensions of case 500 x  370 x 240 mm / weight 5kg)

Travel case  


Spec. travel case 
Spec. travel case, which is designed that operator doesnt need to pull printer out of case, but printing / exchange of media etc., that all can be done with printer safe fixed inside.                  
Operating position





Print method thermosublimation printing on papers CK-3810 (20x25), CK-3812 (20x30)  
Resolution                                     300 x 300 DPI    or     300 x 600 DPI (600x600 DPI)
Print sizes / printing speed       20 x 25cm (203x254)  / 30 sec                       40 sec
      20 x 30cm (203x305)  / 35 sec                       46sec
Driver functions
WIN 2000/XP/Vista


adjustment of orientation and paper size
- adjustment of sharpness, density
- color calibration (adjustment of brightness, contrast, gama separately for all 3 colors R,G,B)
- adjustment of gama curve for specific paper or application
Interfaces USB 2.0 
Operat. conditions temperature + 5 to + 350 C
Humidity 35-80%
Power requirements 220 V / 1.7 A
Dimensions (WxHxD) 322 x 170 x 366 mm
Weight 14 kg
Colour light grey (black cover is supplied to Click-systems)
Accessories CD with Operational Manual WIN 2000/XP, power cord,  ink cassette, paper flanges
 CP3800DW   1.439.60 EUR export price without VAT
 Travel case   107, 60 EUR export price without VAT       Travel case
  CK38XX     Consumables  price-list
    Drivers WiN / MAC / firmware         
CP38_0100.ICC    (1,4 MB)
                                                                How to install firmware MATTE to printer CP3800DW
Firmware MATTE for printer CP3800DW     (1,6 MB)     
    DOWNLOAD      CZ version .pdf                                   EN version .pdf                                    DE version.pdf
                                                                 Leaflet  (241KB)                                           Leaflet   (3.9MB)   
   User Manual                                        User Manual  (2.2MB)                                  User Manual  (2.2MB)   Liberek spol. s r. o.