Color Event Printer Mitsubishi SMART D90EV



D90EV is the new Mitsubishi concept
SMART = CLEVER printer with its own computer and program

Its destination is any event where are more people -
parties, weddings, congresses, sporting events, discos  ....

The printer is equipped with WIFI, so the photographer can print photos by sending them directly from camera,
but whatīs revolutionary = all participants can send their pictures / selfies directly from their smartphones to the printer to be involved in general entertainment - without internet access !
Mitsubishi has prepared attractive applications for smartphones ( web app - no need to install on your phone )
EASYPRINT - the easiest way to send pictures to printer
FUNPRINT - you can insert your pictures to various templates, to add cliparts ( hearts, smilies etc) that even the youth enjoy /  have fun ....

SMART D90EV is built on the CP-D90DW(-P) printer, print sizes  10x15, 13x18, 15x15, 15x20, 15x23cm but also book strips paper thickness 0,21mm or  0,23mm, plus postcard or perforated paper                      

Direct WIFI printing :

* FTP ( profi cameras )
* Network hotfolders SAMBA
* Hotspot HTTP browser -
* Mitsubishi APPs for iPhone / Android ( free download )    



Mitsubishi Electric Changes for the Better - Mitsubishi Electric Changes for the Better - Mitsubishi Electric Changes for the Better - Mitsubishi Electric Changes for the Better - Mitsubishi Electric                                  

                             Unpacking and assembly of SMART D90EV

VIDEO  VIDEO_unpacking_assembly_printer

Delivery of SMART D 90EV

Mitsubishi SMART 90EV consists from ( see picture ) printer Mitsubishi CP-D90DW / DW-P, mini PC Intel NUC, the paper tray, PC power adapter and stand with print quide " how to print photo from smartphone fastest way"

Unpacking, assembling the printer with the computer is shown step by step on the instruction video - Video_unpacking_assembly_printer




Switch ON the printer, install the paper
- detailed description of the printer
Mitsubishi CP-D90DW-P

If everything had gone smoothly,
printer prints 3 x white paper = READY

Then prepare whole



Install the Intel NUC computer on the printer, connect it to printer with USB cable, connect power adapter and turn on the computer with the button on the top panel
( blue LED lights up ).

If everything has been successful, the printer
prints 1 x "Get Started" print ..  = READY !

  There are 3 ways to print photos on Smart D90EV from Smartphone

you do not need to install anything to your smartphone, just connect to WIFI nertwork of the printer
mobile APP, free download for iPhone / Android


                      Print from Smartphone using EASYPRINT

First printout





Quick print guide is supplied with Smart D90EV showing the easiest way to print from Smartphone / EASYPRINT.
You can place guide ( magnetic bottom ) on the printer during event to make it easy for all participants.

Please insert into stand guide in your local language - you can print it on this printer, as it is format 15x20

Version :
Translation CZ / CZE
Translation GB / ENG
Translation D / DEU
Translation F / FRA
Translation I / ITA
Translation E / ESP
Translation P / PRT
Translation S / SWE

  1    Connect to WIFI network ( Smart D90EV must be ON ) /   Enter Smartphone menu -

                            switch ON WIFI  choose network : PhotoPrint =  in majority cases  "Start app" starts automatically





  2    ONLY in case, you do not see Start application,  start the application manually ( 2 ways)
          Open http://photoprint-lan

In the browser ( for example Safari ) type http://photoprint-lan





   or simply launch the application using QR Reader ( if you have it on your phone ) and read QR code that is on the stand / guide




  3     EASYPRINT gets open

conditions              select your language    select photos from camera ( Take photo ) or library ? we choose from WhatsApp




                                                   select photos you wish to print     confirm Order .. and photos are already printed / DONE
                                                                                                                               ( if you want you can select another photos )





   Unpacking of the printer up first printout is decribed in the following document

  Print from Smartphone using FUNPRINT 


If you are preparing Event where are mainly young people, you have the option to set FUNPRINT as default application. It means that all participants after connecting to WIFI printer will print using FUNPRINT instead of EASYPRINT.
The key difference of this application against EASYPRINT is that photos can be inserted to pre-prepared templates ( collages, strip bookmarks, etc ) and in addition one can insert cliparts to any place, see following description.

  The first step is similair to Easyprint, but in the second step you choose
template to which you load single shots, furthemore with optional
  decoration by clipart




You can pastw Clipart (Stamp) anywhere by tapping on the display, you can enlarge / reduce size of it, you can delete it etc .. confirm by SET, you can set the number of COPIES  and finally Order .. and photos are already printed / DONE 





  Print from Smartphone using SMART PHOTO PRINT APP



If you like WIFI printing, you can download Mitsubishi application direct to your Smartphone
Smart Photo Print App is free to download for both Android / Iphone.

Download - following links :



or use this QR Code  :     





Smart Photo
Print App
Connect to WIFI network Photoprint as described already at point  1  , then on you phone -

  Launch the
Photo Smart print           press button START                          select folder                   select photos to print




   choose format acc to installed paper in the printer, set number of copies  and by pressing CONTINUE photos are sent to print ---                                                                                                                           





   SMART PHOTO PRINT app is described ( even for Android ) in the following document 

  Print from smartphone using smart_photo_print.pdf


   Customize your Event -  EASYPRINT   /  FUNPRINT /  PRINTER  setting  



You can connect SMART D90EV through WIFI with your Smartphone, Ipad, your computer, which then serves as
Control console of your Smart printer

You can see into statistics, you see number of remaining copies at printer, you can set print size, print mode Matte x Glossy, print sharpness ..... and you can prepare the Event in advance = specific frames / text / logos which will decorate all printouts

In the following we shall describe what is essential for event preparation.
First you have to enter administration menu ....

Connect to WIFI network Photoprint as allways
2/ Type link to your web browser ( if you control printer from iphone - Safari )

User :          admin
Password :  admin
Save this link to your "favorites"  to avoid typing of letters every time you prepare the event




If you enter administration you see what is set for all who will print on the Smart D90EV

They will send photos through
EasyPrint (Easyprint2), all printer settings will follow Hotfolder (UserFolder_2)  and photos will be printed on format 10x15cm, glossy finish.

To change this setting - you need to stop program running at printerīs computer = press
STOP SERVICE ( see picture )

You can change settings now, but no photos can be sent to the printer at this time, ie if you want to allow customers to print over FUNPRINT ( instead of  EASYPRINT) during the Event, it is possible to change it within app 30sec, but take into consideration, that during setup printer doenst work.






After stopping the service, open the
where are 2 most important settings for Event preparation


Please press -
SERVICE SETTING ( yellow arrow )






This is basic configuration where you set
FUN PRINT and you assign this application to concrete HOTFOLDER, where are printerīs specific settings ( print size etc ..)

SET to memorize setting
( button SET is not visible on the picture because it is covered with expanded Easyprint x Funprint selection) 





Press HOTFOLDER SETTING, at TOP MENU  ( yellow arrow )
see picture above

There are many hotfolders in this menu, which you can individually set and rename them to be it easier next time you assign them to EASY / FUNPRINT at web print setting.

If you press for example
102, you see setting of 
User_Folder 2 :

* Print Size
* Quality - print speed - Auto x Fine x Ultrafine
* Finishing Glossy x Matte
* White border around photo ( yes / no )
* Portrait / landscape photo
etc .... 
If you make the setting, re-name this folder ( first line) for example:

Name : 10x15 landscape 

Analog way, you can name hotfolders you are going to use on your Events, for example 10x15 portrait, 15x20,  Polaroid, Instagram etc 

Notice : If you set FUNPRINT as default application, users can choose from 6 templates. You can prepare specific layouts which fit to Event, however, name them by numbers 1.png 2.png ..... 6.png, only these templates will be accepted by FUNPRINT program.

Please read following document - how to apply specific frames / layouts to EASYPRINT :

How to customize your Event.pdf


Printer Detailed description of the printer CP-D90DW-P see link :

Print sizes /
printing speed
excluding data transfer time


format 10x15       152x102 mm / HIGH SPEED 
7,8 sec     HIGH QUALITY  16.8 sec        
format 13x18       127x178 mm / HIGH SPEED 
13,2 sec   HIGH QUALITY  28,8 sec    
format 15x20       152x203 mm / HIGH SPEED 
14,6 sec   HIGH QUALITY  32,2 sec    
format 15x20       152x203 mm / HIGH SPEED  16,2 sec   HIGH QUALITY  35,8 sec    

AUTO MODE - light images are printer in mode / HIGH SPEED
                         dark images are printed slower in mode HIGH QUALITY  
Computer Intel NUC /  1TB HDD / memory 2GB / OS Linux
Inerfaces 4 x  USB 2.0 ( 1 x USB is reserved for connection with printer ), VGA,  HDMI,  Ethernet / LAN, WIFI
Operat. conditions temperature 5 to + 400 C, rel. humidity 30%-80% (without condensation), flat surface +- 50 to the horizontal   
Power requirements 100-240V AC 50/60Hz, 5.5 A during printing
Dimensions (WxHxD) 275 x 298 ( height )  x 365mm 
Weight 18 kg
Color black
Accessories please see description above + accessory of printer ( power cable, User Manual, Ink sheet cassette, paper flanges, paper strip bin, paper catcher, spacer, CD with the drivers WIN 7 / 8 / 10  (32 + 64 bit)  / Quick setup guide, cable fixation set )
 SMART D90EV     1.396 EUR Export price without VAT     special offer "including 1 pack of perforated paper"  1359,60
 Hashtag 30         69 EUR  30 days license   
 Hashtag 180        99 EUR  180 days license  
 Hashtag 365        169 EUR  365 days license 
 Trolley Bag        148, 80 EUR Export price without VAT    
 CK - D90DW-P       Consumables  price-list
                                                                 Manuals - videos         
                                                                Software upgrades  

    DOWNLOAD     Czech version .pdf                                 English version .pdf                                  German version .pdf
                                                                       Brochure                                                        Brochure  
                                                                       User Manual                               Liberek spol. s r. o.