Color WIN & Kiosk  photo printer CP-K60DW-S



CP-K60DW-S is "REWIND" Photo Printer by Mitsubishi.  It is equipped with fast USB interface, resolution 300 DPI (2 X 300 dpi)

Basic print sizes :
 10x15 a 15x20 cm  

It prints on paper thickness 
0,205 mm using print mode FINE
or ULTRAFINE simultaneously 2 print sizes:
From roll width 15cm / CK-K76R  = 10 x 15cm  / or  5x15
                                                  and 15 x 20cm /  or 15x15

From roll w 13cm / CK-75R =  9 x 13cm and 13x18cm

Specific features :
Simplicity - no need to exchange paper

*  Glossy & matte optional finish of photo (standard paper)        
*  Compact dimensions w 275 x  h 170 x d 446 mm
*  Low weight 12 kg      
*  New mechanical design - easier loading of paper and ink sheet  
  / dust free back filtered cooling and more ..
New electronic design -  for sharper details and picture quality,
   but even for minimal el. consumption - auto sleeping mode (0,5W)
*  Warranty 100.000 prints / 2 years    

Universal connection, simple usage with only one media, 
attractive price of printer and media :

  15x20 (15x15) cm for 0.18 EUR    
  10x15cm               for 0.09 EUR 
  without VAT 



Mitsubishi Electric Changes for the Better - Mitsubishi Electric Changes for the Better - Mitsubishi Electric Changes for the Better - Mitsubishi Electric Changes for the Better - Mitsubishi Electric                                  
                              Specific features

     Simple media installation


  Note :    
The video shows more complex installation of paper roll width 13cm ( 5" media),  with a standard media 15cm / CK-K76R :   
* do not install
spacers on the black flanges
* do not move with white plastic guides

Easy paper
in 4 steps







Printer is connectable to  :

1/  Standard PC / ulrasound system
drivers WIN XP, WIN  7 / 8 - 32 & 64bit
drivers MAC  10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8
2/  Standard PC using Mitsubishi software PhotoSuite
3/  Mitsubishi Easyphoto / Click-Lite / Click / K 6 / K 7 / 7000EX

                 Drivers for WIN / MAC / firmware           








There is only following type of paper / ink media :

CK-K75R pack consist of 2 rolls + inksheet for 2x 180 prints 13x18cm
                                                                    2x 360 prints   9x13cm

CK-K76R pack consist of 2 rolls + inksheet for 2x 160 prints 15x20cm
                                                                    2x 320 prints 10x15cm

Consumable price-list for CP-K60DW-S



Paper catcher ( 10x15 - 15x20 cm)

Metal paper catcher by Mitsubishi for photos

It consists from pedestal, on which is placed the printer and front removable basket for prints. Designed for printers Mitsubishi CP-K60DW / CP-70 / 80DW



Travel case

Simple / safe handling with printer -  event photo business -  Liberek offers new travel case designed especially for this printer.



Driver options
(32x64)  /
Win 7

Print sizes



Drivers  WIN ( MAC )

Paper Size :
setting of print size acc. to installed media inside printer :

9x13cm  / 3,5x5"    CK-K75R
10x15cm  / 4x6"     CK-K76R
13x18cm  / 5x7"     CK-K75 R 
15x15cm  / 6x6"     CK-K76R 
15x20cm  / 6x8"     CK-K76R

Aside these basic formats, printer driver enables to split paper sheet  into several print sizes (for panaroma prints etc), please see picture

9x13   x2 Type1     CK-K75R
10x15 x2 Type1     CK-K76R
5x15   x2 Type1     CK-K76R
5x15   x2 Type2     CK-K76R
This option fits in case you need to print size  9x13 / 10x15 (2 pcs) from media 13x18 / 15x20cm

5x15 x2 Type1     CK-K76R
5x15 x2 Type2     CK-K76R
This option fits in case you need to print size 5x15 (2 pcs) from media 10x15.

Type 1 .. if you send file (picture 10x15) from computer to printer, printer cuts paper size 10x15 automatically into 2 photos 5x15 ... it means you must prepare before composition of 2 photos placed on one layout 10x15  ( this is necessary when your graphical program is unable to send 2 different images simultaneously to print)

Type 2 .. in this case you can have 2 different files prepared with dimension 5x15 and you can send both simultaneously to printer - printer prints 2 photos 5x15 using only one paper sheet 10x15.

15x20 (6x8") border - automatic print with white border around photo


Print Pixels:
information about print resolution for selected media

selection of orientation Portrait / Landscape 


optional setting of number of printed copies, which will be  automatically printed after button PRINT is pressed at WIN application

optional enlargement of printed image scale 25-400%

bar indicator of remaining amount of ink sheet



setting of sharpeness, softer or sharper outlines (-3 to +3)

Print Speed
quality of printing, if you select
Print Speed =
machine prints more slow but
 BETTER QUALITY with resolution  2 x 300 DPI  (sharper details)  

Print finish:
selection of finish, if you check option
Print finish =  Matte than printer prints slower 4th lamination panel, which gets more matt surface.

Color correction:
optional basic color correction R / G / B

Color matching :
Color matching - color calibration of printout follows
preset ICC curve


ICC curve

If you have checked at previous menu COLOR MATCHING
( colors follow installed ICC) you need to load the appropriate ICC curves ::

CPK60_ST ( ICC for standard print mode FINE )
CPK60_UF ( ICC for print mod ULTRAFINE)

and simultaneously you have to set selected ICC at COLOR MANAGEMENT menu.
To use the highest quality print mode, please
" Set
as default profile 
Color settings aside
ICC curve


Color adjustments of all colors together (Same),
or one can adjust individually each color R / G / B 

RGB gamma - basic (rough) setting of saturation or setting of one
color tone (-5 to +5)

Gentle adjustment of brightness (Same) or separate brightness
of colors R / G / B -
-128 to +128

Gentle adjustment of contrast (Same) or separateof contrast
of colors R / G / B - 
-128 to +128




Optional creation of specific gamma curve - individual color
adjustment of one color even at selected grade of color tone..

Print method thermosublimation print, 16.7 mil. colors,  paper pack CK-K76R

300 DPI, thermal head 11.8 dots / mm

format 9x13   (CK-K75R)    1076 x 1568
format 10x15 (CK-K76R)    1228 x 1864 pixels
ormat 13x18 (CK-K75R)    1568 x 2128 pixels
format 15x15 (CK-K76R )   1864 x 1820 pixels
format 15x20 (CK-K76R)    1864 x 2422 pixels   
Print sizes / printing speed


format  9x13        127x89 mm  / FINE    10.5 sec /  ULTRAFINE 18.8 sec     
format 10x15       152x102 mm / FINE    11.4 sec /  ULTRAFINE 20.5 sec
format 13x18       127x178 mm / FINE    19.9 sec  /  ULTRAFINE 36 sec    
format 15x15       152x230 mm / FINE    18.5 sec  /  ULTRAFINE 32.2 sec   
format 15x20       152x203 mm / FINE    21.9 sec
  /  ULTRAFINE 39.9 sec   

If you select PRINT MATTE, printing time is longer about 3 sec
Memory 32 MB
Interfaces USB 2.0
Operat. conditions temperature 5 to + 400 C, rel. humidity 30%-80% (without condensation), flat surface +- 50 to the horizontal   
Power requirements 120/220V, 50/60Hz,  for  220V app. 2,4 A during printing
Power consumption 277 x 172 x 449 mm 
Dimensions (WxHxD) 12 kg
Weight light grey - red
Accessories Power cable, User Manual, Ink cassette, paper flanges, paper strip bin, paper catcher, spacer, CD with manual pdf,  cable fixation set,
drivers for WIN XP / Vista / WIN-7 / 8 / 10 (32 and 64bit),  MAC OS 10.5 / 10.6 / 10.7 / 10.8
 CP-K60DW-S      750 EUR  Export price without VAT
Option :
  Paper catcher
    57 EUR   Paper catcher 10x15 - 15x23 for printers CP-D70 / 80DW(-S) / CP-K60DW-S
  Travel case
   CP-D60 / 70 / 80DW(S)
    105,6 EUR  spec. travel case for printers 60 / 70
  CK-KXXX     Consumables  price-list
                                                                Drivers for WIN / MAC / firmware         
ICC profile for mode FINE 300DPI,  size 0,58 MB
                                                                CPK60_UF.ICC      ICC profile for mode ULTRAFINE 2 x 300, size 0,58 MB
    DOWNLOAD       Czech version .pdf             English version .pdf              German version .pdf                 French version .pdf 
                                                     Brochure     (0,68 MB)           Brochure     (178 KB)   
                                                     User Manual   (4.9 MB)         User Manual  (4.8MB)  Liberek spol. s r. o.