Panoramic prints newly on CP-D90DW /  DW-P


Panoramic sizes  
15x36cm / 6x14"  and   15x51cm / 6x20"

The printer CP-D90DW / DW-P ( firmware version 210, WIN driver ver 2.10, MAC OS driver 2.00 )  can print truly beautiful panoramic photos
CK-D768 / CK-D868 / CK-D769  paper ( ink-sheet format  15x20 / 6x8", 15x23 / 6x9" ) is used for printing, the result is excellent

The reference sample ( photo studios )  :
If you send us your file, we shall print and post printed photo to your address !

Panoramic photos can be easily taken on most of current smartphones, for example iphone :




To print panoramic photos, please proceed as follows :


Install one of the papers in the printer - CK-D768 / CK-D868 / CK-D769

Select one panorama print size at printer driver  / Print Preferences / Paper

Size  15 x 36  ( 6x14")  only for your info, if you are going to prepare specific images to be printed , resolution is 1852 x 4232

2 ink sheets 15x20 are used to create one panoramic print. First ink sheet is used in its full length and the second one only by the size of your image - so you can print panaromic photos in the range 15 x ( 20 - max 36 ) cm

15 x 51  ( 6x20")  resolution 1852 x 6036

3 ink sheets 15x20 are used to create one panoramic print. First and second ink sheet is used in its full length and the third one only by the size of your image - so you can print panaromic photos in the range 15 x ( 20 - max 51  ) cm

Note :
*  Regardless of the current driver setting, if you select panorama size, printing will be automatically performed at ULTRAFINE mode
   with GLOSSY finish
*  Make sure, that  the "Margin Cut off" check box is not selected, if so, disable this option ( checkbox must be empty )
*  Please print ONLY under the following conditions :

   temperature 5 - 35C,  relative humidity 20 - 80% ( no condensation )



  Before printing panoramic images when the paper runs out of the printer, enough space needs to be provided so that the printed photo has free space and nothing can affect its resulting quality.

Place the printer on the edge of the table so
that paper cannot touch anything !

This is necessity - when we printed the samples, the paper touched the table and there were slightly visible stripe on the printout immediately  - please
ensure 100% free space - see picture = reddish space in front of the printer must remain free /  acc. to drawing !

Never touch the printed image during printing, place some box below printer where photo will fall, remove print from this box before printing additional print

If paper gets stuck during printing, paper may be jammed in the printer or printer may be damaged 




4 When printing a panoramatic image, paper catcher must be removed, see picture  and at the same time it is necessary to fix cardboard or piece of paper roll to front panel of the printer.

Reason = if there is already smaller roll of paper, the paper tends to roll and it could be caught in the hole below paper strip bin
( hole between strip bin and power supply ) =
therefore it is necessary to cover this gap so that the end of the printed paper allways slides under the printer and doesnt jam - see picture



------------------------   ONLY for CP-D90DW / DW-P users, who has purchased the printer  ( from us ) before 15.1.2018    --------------------------

In order to print a panoramic photos, it is necessary
first to install new firmware version 2.10 to printer and then 
to re-install new WIN / MAC driver with new panoramic formats ( Paper Size )


Install new firmware to the printer CP-D90DW / DW-P
version 2.10  ( pls note firmware is different to CP-D90DW x CP-D90DW-P )

Please follow strictly procedure described at Manual :

Manual (pdf) firmware upgrade

Download firmware 2.10 to printer CP-D90DW-P  
Download firmware 2.10 to printer CP-D90DW  

Install driver WIN version

Note. It is necessary to completely uninstall old driver before installing new one ( old and new driver cannot be installed on the same computer )
read carefully UNINSTALLATION ( detailed driver guide WIN installation ) !

Download driver ver 2.10 for WIN

Detailed driver Guide WIN installation

Installation & driver WIN10 settings including ICC assign to ULTRAFINE print mode is described incl. pictures at general printer description :
Mitsubishi CP-D90DW-P

------------------------------------------------------------------------   MAC / OS    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Download driver 2.00 MAC / OS
Detailed driver Guide OS installation (EN)

Panoramic prints (EN)