Color photo printer CP-D90DW /  DW-P



CP-D90DW-P is professional COMPACT Photo Printer
by Mitsubishi ( with reduced depth of the printer ). It is equipped with fast USB 2.0,  head resolution 300 / 2x300  DPI

Print sizes :
 5x15, 10x15, 15x15, 13x18, 15x20, 15x23cm + panorama 15x36 / 6x14", 15x51cm / 6x20"

It prints using 3 various print modes HIGH SPEED / HIGH QUALITY / AUTO from roll paper thickness
0,21mm or 0,23mm
Specific features :

*  Compact size w 275 x h 237 x depth 365 mm
Optional glossy & matte finish of the photo
*  Fast printing - format 10x15 in 7.8 sec
*  The broadest use of media CK-D746, CK-D746-PF42,
    CK-D746-PF33, CK-D868, CK-D757, CK-D768, CK-D769
 including postcard paper CK-D946PST - only to model

*  New thermal head cool down function enables to print more
    than 450 prints per hour !
*  Rewind function makes it possible to print 2 formats
   10x15/15x20 from one media CK-D868 without any losses
    of paper or ink-sheet
*  Automatic optimatization of print speed according to picture
   data (image analysing engine) keeps high quality / density
   of the print
*  New mecha-design - dust free back filtered cooling of printing
   unit owing to separate power supply placement
*  External peripherals can be powered ( +5V / 12V DC) direct
    from printer
  Specific features for embeded applications

*  Warranty EU 100.000 prints / 2 years    



Mitsubishi Electric Changes for the Better - Mitsubishi Electric Changes for the Better - Mitsubishi Electric Changes for the Better - Mitsubishi Electric Changes for the Better - Mitsubishi Electric                                  
                                Specific features

Print speed

Two - chamber

printing unit
power supply




Target of CP-D90DW-P design was to minimize footprint ( for easy integration of the printer into the kiosk / Photo Booth /  any "event" equipment ) and simultaneously to increase print capacity.  Both conditions are met by two-chamber design :

Power supply, which is cooled by two rear fans during continuous printing ( please see pictures below ) is located separately below printing unit, it means it can be cooled very efficient way (air is sucked from the front through the ventilation slots)

On the contrary, printing unit, where is necessary to minimize any contamination by dust, cooling is done gently from the rear with filtered air
( ventilation slots are placed at the rear upper sides of the printer )

The smaller footprint of 275 x 365 mm
Increased capacity of the printing - more than 450 prints 10x15cm in 1 hour


Front / rear panel





Side view






Speed x
print quality




There are 2 basic requirments customers expect from sublimation printer  -   the printout must have high quality under any circumstances, 
on the other hand,  printing must be as fast as possible - if printer is used instead of minilab /  if customer is waitting for his photos at the photo kiosk / generally at events it is necessary to print photos allways in a very short time

From this reason, the printer has two print modes:

FINE  /             HIGH SPEED MODE (high speed mode) .. printer prints as fast as possible
ULTRA FINE  /  HIGH QUALITY MODE (high quality mode) .. .. printer prints slower with higher resolution of details

Aside of these two modes, the printer CP-D90DW comes with absolute news -
Please see picture below

The system
IMAGE ANALYZING ENGINE  automatically analyzes and evaluates each file sent to the printer. If bright color image is detected, it is printed in fast mode. But if  there are detected dark images ( evening parties etc ) = it is much better to print such an images more slowly  that the printer has more time to transfer colors into paper /  to print high-contrast colors / generally black color is printed like more black - in this case, the system automatically switches the printer to slower high quality print mode

If you select  MODE AUTO, the printer will print quickly, but in case image analyzing engine meets darekt image, the printer will switch automatically into high quality slower printing mode
= You can print more prints at once and you get allways a good and contrast printouts in shortest possible time !



Supports 2 types
of paper

Rewind function



Mitsubishi CP-D90DW-P

can print on both papers thickness
0,21mm and 0,23mm.

You can print 2 formats 10x15 / 15x20 from one media CK-D868 ( 0,21mm ) without any exchange of  ink-sheet and without any losses of paper / ink-sheet owing to rewind function. If you print format 10x15,  printer will use only first half of ink sheet and during printing of second image 10x15 remaining part of ink sheet is used
Paper CK868 has 2 advantages - lower price and thanks to slightly thinner paper you can print more prints from one roll = 430 prints 10x15cm from one roll of paper

If you want to print to thicker paper or you need to print as fast as possible event prints 10x15 one after another, you can install media
CK-D746 thickness 0,23mm and to print 10x15 immediately without any delays done by rewinding.

For customers who are familiair with Mitsubishi printers - new CP-D90DW combines advantages of both models CP-D70DW + CP-D80DW and uses the entire range of consumables designed for both existing printers
Preferably, you can use the thinner ( cheaper 10x15 / 15x20 ) paper for amateur-photos ( for public ) and thicker paper width 0,23mm for portrait photos ( 13x18, 15x20 / 21 / 23cm)  




Consumables :

thickness of paper 0,23mm
CK-D746  /  2 rolls + ink sheet for 2x 400 prints 10x15cm
CK-D746-PF42   2 rolls + ink sheet for 2x 400 perforated prints 10x15cm ( 10x10cm and 5x10cm )
   2 rolls + ink sheet for 2x 400 perforated prints 10x15cm
( 7,5x10cm and 7,5x10cm )
2 rolls + ink sheet for 2x 400 postcards

CK-D757 /   2 rolls + ink sheet for 2x 230 prints 13x18cm
CK-D768  /  2 rolls + inksheet for 2x 200 prints 15x20cm
CK-D769 /  2 rolls + inksheet for 2x 180 prints 15x23 cm

thickness of paper 0,21mm
CK-868 /  2 rolls + inksheet 2x 430 prints 10x15cm
or 2x 215 prints 15x20cm

Consumables price-list CP-D90DW-P

Installation of paper is thanks to new mechanical design very easy, see picture below

Easy paper
in 4 steps





Change of print size 10x15 to 13x18

If you change rolls width 13 / 15cm, formats 10x15 and 15x20 versus 13x18 it is recommended to purchase additional (optional) ink sheet cassette, so change of print sizes is question of seconds, see picture  ... one has to open front door and to pull out one cartridge and to push second one  inside = very fast procedure

Installation of paper 13x18


To install paper roll width 13cm CK-D757 to printer (photo format 13x18), please put plastic spacers (width 1 cm) on both paper flanges first (spacers are standard accesorry of printer) and later insert paper flanges to sides of paper roll as shown on the picture (this way whole assy incl. both spacers has the same outside dimensions like the one with paper roll width 15cm and fits to printer).

To keep paper precise in direction during higher speeds, operator has to shift snap-in plastic paper guides to proper position. In case of roll width 13cm, move both guides to the center, see the picture.





Printing panoramic images  15x36cm / 6x14"  and   15x51cm / 6x20"

The printer CP-D90DW / DW-P ( firmware version 210, WIN driver ver 2.10 )  can print a truly beautiful panoramic photos.
Athough CK-D768 / CK-D868 / CK-D769 paper ( ink-sheet format  15x20 / 6x8", 15x23 / 6x9" ) is used for printing, the result is excellent.

The reference sample ( photo studios )  :
If you send us your file, we shall print and post printed photo to your address !

Panoramic photos can be easily taken on most of current smartphones, for example iphone :

To print a panoramic photo, please read the detailed procedure :

Print a panoramic photo on the CP-D90DW-P printer 


Another creative features
Designers of CP-D90DW-P were thinking about printer applications  .... central power button is placed in the front part / power cord should not increase printer size = mains plug is recessed in the slot which also serves as a guide for power cord, see pictures       





  The printer is equipped with 2 output terminals +5 and +12V DC / 2A, so you can power your Tablet / Camera / PC from the printer. 
 +5V DC output is available from USB connector ( next to USB for printer-PC ),  + 12V DC terminal is placed on the rear panel
( Note : you can use only one terminal +5 or +12V / 2A,  but not both simultaneously )







Travel case

Simple / safe handling with printer -  event photo business -  Liberek offers new travel case designed especially for this printer
(outside dimensions of case 405 x 405 x 310 mm / weight 5kg)

Tracel case - eshop




Paper catcher ( 10x15 - 15x23 cm)

Metal paper catcher by Mitsubishi for photos 10x15 / 13x18 / 15x23.
The paper catcher is fixed to the printer with hooks / srcrews on side of the printer / the paper catcher must be removed when replacing the paper

Paper catcher - eshop

              WIN 10 driver installation :   latest version 2.10    WIN 7 / 8 / 10 ( 32 x 64 bit)      


Driver Win 10  (32x64) 

   Install the printer driver for WIN 10 before you connect printer with USB cable to PC !

1  Download the driver
Download the driver to PC ( folder)  to which you wish to connect the printer. The downloaded driver is zipped
    Unpack the driver at folder after download

   Download driver ver 2.10 for WIN


2  Run the driver installation
    Double click ( see picture )  Install_Drv.exe



3  Enable the driver to start
    WIN Defender will ask you about permission to make changes
    at your PC.
    Confirm  YES




4  Run the installation wizard
    Press NEXT




5  Confirm installaion of the driver
    Press INSTALL




6  The Driver has been successfully installed
    Press FINISH



7  Connect the printer to PC
The printer must be turned on, the paper correctly installed in the printer  - no error LED indication ( only green POWER ),  the paper strip bin has to be installed at front panel of the printer

After connecting the USB cable to PC, WIN will do everything automatically - the icon MITSUBISHI CPD90D will be added to  "Devices and Printers " folder



8  Set up the driver ( and assign the ICC curve )
Open menu with right-mouse click above icon MITSUBISHI CPD90D  ( Control Panels / Devices and Printers )

Print preferences - set up the printer driver
- see next chapter
Printer properties - assign FINE / ULTRAFINE ICC according to selected print mode
- see next chapter

              WIN driver setting :   latest version 2.10    WIN 7 / 8 / 10 ( 32 x 64 bit)        
                                    Print preferences
Driver options
Win 7-8-10

print sizes 

Paper Size :
Setting of print size acc. to installed media inside printer :

9x13cm / 3,5x5" this format is not supported at EU
10x15cm / 4x6" CK-D746 , CK-D868 (CK-D769)
13x18cm / 5x7" CK-D757
15x20cm / 6x8" CK-D768, CK-D868 (CK-D769)
15x21cm / 6x8,5" CK-D769
15x23cm / 6x9" CK-D769

Basic format you can print with WHITE BORDER
( app 5mm white border around photo )

Available square formats :
13x13cm / 5x5"    CK-D757
15x15cm / 6x6"    CK-D768, CK-D868 (CK-D769)

New feature - panorama sizes
15 x 36cm / 6x14"    CK-D768, CK-D868, CK-D769
15 x 51cm / 6x20"    CK-D768, CK-D868, CK-D769

Aside these basic formats, printer driver enables to split paper sheet  into several print sizes -  panaroma prints :
10x15 x2      CK-D768, CK-D868 (CK-D769) 
This option fits in case you need to print size 10x15 (2 pcs) from media 15x20 

5x15 x2 Type1     CK-D746 / 868 
5x15 x2 Type2     CK-D746 / 868 
This option fits in case you need to print size 5x15 (2 pcs) from media 10x15.

Type 1 .. if you send file (picture 10x15) from computer to printer, printer cuts paper size 10x15 automatically into 2 photos 5x15 ... it means you must prepare before composition of 2 photos placed on one layout 10x15  ( this is necessary when your graphical program is unable to send 2 different images simultaneously to print)

Type 2 .. in this case you can have 2 different files prepared with dimension 5x15 and you can send both simultaneously to printer - printer prints 2 photos 5x15 using only one paper sheet 10x15



Print pixels :
Information about print resolution for selected media

Selection of orientation Portrait / Landscape 

Optional setting of number of printed copies, which will be  automatically printed after button PRINT is pressed at WIN application

Optional enlargement of printed image scale 25-400%

Bar indicator of remaining amount of ink sheet (actual quantity
380 prints
Setting of sharpeness, softer or sharper outlines (-3 to +3)
If you activate DETAILS you can set outline correction independly at horizontal / vertical position

Print Mode :
FINE HIGH SPEED :    fast printing
AUTO : Print speed is set automatically depending on the image  ( Image analyzing system )
HIGH QUALITY : slower printing, sharper details  

Print finish:
GLOSSY : glossy finish
MATTE :   the printer prints slower 4th lamination panel, which gets more matt surface.
Note : Rewind function is disabled  using MATTE mode

Waitting for next image : In case you print 2 formats 10x15 from media 15x20/23 you can set waitting time for printing of next image from the same ink sheet field. If you wont activate " Waitting for image ", printing of second image starts immediately after first one was printed out 

Color Matching /  Color conversion
If you activate COLOR MATCHING, colors follow preset ICC curve you have to set at color management and Color conversion at printer is not performed
ICC curve


f you have enabled checkbox at previous menu  - COLOR MATCHING ( colors follow installed ICC)  you need to load the relevant ICC curve to print mode :

70_ST ( ICC for FINE mode )
70_UF ( ICC for ULTRAFINE mode )

To assign ICC you hae to enter Printer Properties

Ultrafine mode is default anytime you print a panaromatic photo ( when you select panorama print size, ultrafine mode is set automatically )
Color settings aside
ICC curve


Color adjustments of all colors together (Same),
or one can adjust individually each color R / G / B 

RGB gamma - basic (rough) setting of saturation or setting of one
color tone (-5 to +5)

Gentle adjustment of brightness (Same) or separate brightness
of colors R / G / B -
-128 to +128

Gentle adjustment of contrast (Same) or separateof contrast
of colors R / G / B - 
-128 to +128


Optional creation of specific gamma curve - individual color
adjustment of one color even at selected grade of color tone




                Drivers for MAC  :   latest version 1.00         
                                      Download driver version 1.00 for MAC

                                     Compatible computers :
 PowerMacintosh G4, G5, PowerBookG4, iMac, Mac mini, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, MacBook
                                     Supported operational system :    10.6 - 10.11                                                                                   


Print method thermosublimation print, 16.7 mil. colors,  paper packs CK-D746, CK-D868, CK-D757, CK-D768, CK-D769


300 DPI, thermal head 11.8 dots / mm

format 10x15 (CK-D746 / 868 / 769 - 4x6")    1226 x 1852 pixels
format 13x13 (CK-D757 - 5x7")                    1527 x 1550 pixels
format 13x18 (CK-D757 - 5x7")                    1550 x 2128 pixels
format 15x15 (CK-D768 / 868 / 769 )            1827 x 1852 pixels
format 15x20 (CK-D768 / 868 / 769 - 6x8")    1852 x 2428 pixels   
format 15x21 (CK-D769 - 6x9")                    1852 x 2568 pixels   
format 15x23 (CK-D769 - 6x9")                    1852 x 2729 pixels   
format 15x36 (CK-D768 / 868 - 6x14")          1852 x 4232 pixels   
format 15x51 (CK-D768 / 868 - 6x20")          1852 x 6036 pixels   
Print sizes /
printing speed
excluding data transfer time


format 10x15       152x102 mm / HIGH SPEED 
7,8 sec     HIGH QUALITY  16.8 sec        
format 13x18       127x178 mm / HIGH SPEED 
13,2 sec   HIGH QUALITY  28,8 sec    
format 15x20       152x203 mm / HIGH SPEED 
14,6 sec   HIGH QUALITY  32,2 sec    
format 15x20       152x203 mm / HIGH SPEED  16,2 sec   HIGH QUALITY  35,8 sec    

AUTO MODE - light images are printer in mode / HIGH SPEED
                      dark images are printed slower in mode HIGH QUALITY  
Memory 128 MB
Interfaces fast USB 2.0
Operat. conditions temperature 5 to + 400 C, rel. humidity 30%-80% (without condensation), flat surface +- 50 to the horizontal   
Power requirements 100-240V AC 50/60Hz,  5.5 A during printing
Dimensions (WxHxD) 275 x 237 x 365mm   
Weight 14 kg
Color Black
Accessories Power cable, User Manual, Ink sheet cassette, paper flanges, paper strip bin, paper catcher, spacer, CD with the drivers
WIN 7 / 8 / 10
  (32 + 64 bit)  / Quick setup guide, cable fixation set
 CP-D90DW-P    eshop
Option :
  Paper catcher
    30 EUR metal paper catcher for photos 10x15 - 15x23cm
       Paper catcher eshop
  Ink cartridge
   CP-K60 / 80 / 90DW
    14 EUR  spare cassette for ink sheet - suitable for quick exchange of ink sheet size 10x15 to 13x18cm
  Roll Holder
   CP-D70 / 80 / 90DW
    55,6 EUR set of paper roll holders - for fast exchange of roll width 15cm x roll 13cm
  CK-DXXX     Consumables  price-list
    Drivers WIN / MAC / firmware         
                                                                CPD70_F.ICC      ICC profile for mode FINE
ICC profile for mode ULTRAFINE 2 x 300
   Czech version .pdf                              English version .pdf                                German version .pdf 
         User Manual                                     User Manual    Liberek spol. s r. o.