T-shirt Press 38 x 38 / 40 x 50 cm



T-shirt press 38 x 38 (40 x 50) cm with upper lever closing. It has a robust mechanical construction with vertically adjustable heater.
You can print
following items ( from our offer ):

T-shirts - Kidīs / Womenīs / Menīs / Running / Bike
Cushions - Fine structure / Satin / Soft / Linen
Pads - Bar / Table / Floor / Mouse
Bags - Shopping / Toiletry
Backpacks - School / Shoulder / Jeans
Aprons - Fine structure / Linen
Puzzle A5 - A3
Coaster with or without cork
MDF boards

Flat ceramics / sublimation stones

( all objects that may not be ideally planar and are fragile, we recommend to use 3D oven )

Digital el. block measures time ( adjustable 0 - 999sec ) and control the heater temperature ( adjustable 0 - 225 C ). Settings are made simply by using the cursor buttons



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   e-shop / 40x50

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                                Specific features



The T-shirt press is packed in 2 cardboard boxes and additionally fixed with screws to the lower wooden transport board.
It is best to open the lids of both boxes, remove the top wooden board and carefully flip the whole T-shirt press to the side. Then pull the whole T-shirt press, including the foam linings, to the side
After pulling it out of the box, unscrew the bottom wooden board and screw instead the rubber feet, which are separately in the box.
Place the press on its feet, remove the foam fillings, cut the fixing tapes that hold the press closed and carefully unpack the 220V cable

Power consumption of the press is 1800W, therefore connect the press cable separately (not via 220V splitters, etc.) to the 220V socket.







When the press is off, set the pressure according to the thickness of the printed object. T-shirt Press allows printing of objects with a maximum thickness of 6mm
Adjust the press by turning the screw rosettes shown.
The press has the AUTO-OPEN function, ie when the press is off the lever does not hold in the closed position.
If the press is switched on, the electromagnet pulls the metal wheel placed on the lever to lock the press in the closed state  










Plug the machine into a power outlet. The power input of the press is approx. 1800W, ie use a socket that no other appliance is connected.
Switch the press on with the rocker switch and set the temperature / time if necessary. The press is set by default to 180 C / 60 sec ( most used setting )

Control unit settings:
* Press the OK button 1 x and you can select the
Celsius / Farnheit scale using the cursor up / down buttons
* Press OK button  2 x and you can change the
preset temperature ( 180C ) using the cursor up / down buttons
It is not recommended to use a temperature higher than 200C
* Press OK button 3 x and you can change the
preset time ( 60 sec ) using the cursor up / down buttons







After the temperature and time have been set, the press begins to heat up. When the temperature reaches the set value, the user is alerted acoustically that he can start printing. Place the object on the base plate with the image fixed to the printed object and place the Teflon liner over the top and close the press.

Just before the set time has elapsed, an acoustic signal sounds before the press automatically opens. Please note that the automatic release means that the electromagnet holding lever is switched off = the lever jumps up and only then engages the gas struts so that the press in the second half of its stroke is opened in a cultivated manner.
You can interrupt the printing at any time by pressing the red emergency button, which releases the electromagnet and the press opens        


                                Technical specifications

Functions  digital adjustment of temperature and time, adjustable pressure, AUTO-OPEN feature
Operat. conditions temperature 5 do + 400 C
Power requirements 220V, 50Hz, max 1.800 W 
Dimensions (WxHxD) 430 x 760 x 510 mm 
Weight 40 kg
Color black / RED
Certification CE Certificate
Accesorries power cord    
    T-shirt press
    38 x 38
    408 EUR (Export price without VAT) Liberek spol. s r. o.
    T-shirt press
    40 x 50
    472 EUR (Export price without VAT) Liberek spol. s r. o.