Mug press BJ900 



is full wrap around press with new mechanical design.

Mug press is supplied
with 6 heaters  (in price), heat pad for standard and narow Mugs is inserted inside metal sleeve for very easy and fast exchange, conical heaters for latte Mugs are changed including holder fixed with 4 screws ... power cable on all heaters are terminated with
4-pin (male) connectors.

Digital electronic unit controls time (range 0 - 999 sec) and temperature, (range 90 - 220 C), initial setting is done very simply by the help of three buttons on membrane keyboard.

1 Mug press is equipped with standard heat pad for Mugs
  (diameter 80-87mm) :
STANDARD (white, colored handle nad rim, color changing Mugs ...)
BIG (white, colored handle nad rim)

STEIN ( Stein narrow, Stein glass matt)

2 Small heat pad (diameter 70-75mm) :
Espresso / Mug Narrow / Sport-Can-Straw Thermos
3 Conical heater for latte Mugs :
Latte 12oz
4 Conical heater for big latte Mugs :
Latte big 17oz 
5 Heating pad 2,5 oz
Mini Mug
6 Conical heating pad 1,5 oz
Shot Glass



Mitsubishi Electric technology for life - Mitsubishi Electric technology for life - Mitsubishi Electric technology for life - Mitsubishi Electric technology for life - Mitsubishi Electric technology for life
                                Specific features



Mugs printing procedure
( standard Mug Press )

1  Print a mirror image ( for example on Ricoh printer ) - pls note, you need to use only special sublimation ink !

2  Fix the image on a Mug with 2 small pieces of adhesive heat resistant fixing tape

If temperature / time is set on Mug press
 ( see next chapter )  
.. switch ON the Mug Press and wait until press is heated to BASIC TEMPERATURE

3  Put Mug incl. image from side into open Mug press, close lever and press button with icon "square" on membrane keyboard.
If you put cold mug into heat pad, temperature goes down as cold Mug is cooling heater, but after short time temperature gradually
climb up to WORKING TEMPERATURE when the press automatically switches to time countdown.

Display is showing remaining time and finally Mug Press issues audio signal - finish sublimation cycle by pressing " square" button, open the lever and remove Mug from Mug Press ( switch off Mug Press )

4  Peel off the image gently with your fingernail from Mug and let Mug to cool


* When you load Mug from the side into Mug Press, be carefull not to accidently bend corner of the image on heating pad.

* Since ear cup remains cold over the whole heating cycle at the Mug Press, you can remove the Mug from Mug Press immediately after the completion of the cycle and to check quality of imprinting - gently bend the corners of still fixed image and make sure that underneath of all corners is the same contrast and saturation of colors - if not ( owing to low pressure or ... ) - rotate with Mug about 180 degrees and put it in the press again and repeat the cycle

* If you are going to peel off  the image from Vow Mug (color change Mug) be very careful, because this coating is very soft at hot state and you can easily break through the top layer - there may remain permanently visible white scratches from your fingernail. Better remove the image after partial cooling cup.


Electronic unit

Setting of basic / working temperature and time

The press purchased from us has correctly adjusted electronics unit, but if you need to change temperature / time
(another type of
ceramic / another kind of coating), please do the following :

Press 1x button MODE (SET light is ON) =  default 90 C ( 150 set by us )
Using button "plus" and "minus" you can set basic temperature.  If you set 150 C / 270 F, Mug press is allways ready when you have more Mugs to print ( if the press is not in use, pls turn it off )

Press 2x button MODE (SET + TEMP light ON) = 170 C* / 310 F
Using button "plus" and "minus" set working temperature acc. to type of ceramics / coating.

Press 3x button MODE (SET + TIME light ON) = 20 (sec) *
Using button "plus" and "minus" set heating time ( Mug will be heated on 170C for 20 seconds ).
( Last set values are immediately memorized )

Press 4x button MODE - original status, display is showing current temperature of heater.


* Lower basic temperature reduces the thermal shock which absorbs ceramics during insertion into a heated press. This is especially important for products made of glass (risk of breakage in case of uneven heating)

* It is recommended to tune step by step ideal working temperature to a particular type of press and ceramics, which will be printed.  Ceramics with harder Orca coating (dishwasher safe) requires a higher final temperature of about 170 C ( on this model of Mug press), standard NA coating around 160C.
There is a simple rule to set correct working temperature - if you have low contrast colors on printed Mug, but contrast colors stood on sublimation paper - increase the temperature ( sublimation paper must visibly " washed-out " after printing cycle) 
Just on the contrary - if sublimation paper is sticking to surface of Mug, sublimation paper gets yellowish and black color is turning into brown, Mug is overheated - decrease temperature.

* If you print on a subject that doesnt have similair thermal inertia like ceramics - for example metal thermos or mug polymer,
temperature rises from basic to the working temperature very quickly - you have to prolong time to about 90 - 120sec

(heat pads)
 All heating pads  
Side View             
Side View  
                                Technical specifications

Functions  digital adjustment of temperature and time, adjustable diameter and pressure
Operat. conditions temperature 5 do + 400 C
Power requirements 220V, 50Hz, 300W 
Dimensions (WxHxD) 340 x 350 x 280 mm 
Weight 10 kg ( incl. all heaters),  Mug press alone 5kg
Color white
Certification CE
    BJ900     359,6 EUR (Export price without VAT) Liberek spol. s r. o.

Spare parts :
                     Heat pads are supplied with cable and " male " 4-pin connector
        male / BJ880-890-900  
  Heat Pad BJ900
   standard size
   40 EUR  spare heater for Mugs standard size (oz 11)
  Heat Pad BJ900
   short size
   40 EUR  short heater ( thicker rubber) for Espresso / Mug Narrow (oz 6)
  Heat Pad BJ900
   special size
   40 EUR narow special heater for Beer Stein blue (with golden rim)
  Heat Pad BJ900
   latte size
   40 EUR  shorter heater for Latte (oz 12)
  Heat Pad BJ900
   big latte size
   40 EUR  shorter heater for Latte big (oz 17)
  Heat Pad BJ900
   Mini Mug oz 2,5
   40 EUR  mini mug heater (oz 2,5)
  Heat Pad BJ900
   Shot Glass 1,5 oz
   40 EUR  shot glass heater (oz 1,5)