3D Vacuum Heat Press (ST3042)



3D Vacuum Heat Press is in fact desktop furnace (oven) with front touch keyboard on which you can set temperature / time,  the same way as on your home appliances.
You can put inside for example dogīs / catīs bowl ( generally photo ceramics of bigger size ) or a thermos, where the image is fixed to ceramics individually with silicone wrap, as you can see on the pictures below.

Moreover, the 3D Press has inner removable vacuum unit to which you can put phone / tablet cover or photo plate. If you press button VACUUM, small  compressor starts to suck the air from vacuum unit and the upper silicone membrane presses on the enire surface of the image fixed to cover / plate during heating.

Characteristic feature of the 3D Vacuum Press is ability to press image on a shaped items like smartphone / tablet covers or you can print the entire upper side of the plate, slate, etc..

Max size of printed item ( vacuum unit ) : 29 x 41 x 7 cm
Max size of printed item ( oven ) :            29 x 41 x 11 cm

One can use 3D Press instead of oven for printing onto non standard size products or glass items, for which gradual radiant heating is safer.


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                                Specific features

Procedure with
vacuum unit



3D printing procedure using vacuum unit

1  Print a mirror image ( for example on Ricoh printer ) - pls note, you need to use only special sublimation ink !

2  Fix the image on a plate with 2-3 small pieces of adhesive heat resistant fixing tape

3  Turn on Vacuum Press with mains switch ( located on left side of the Press )
     Press button POWER ( in the center of button ) on the front keyboard
     Press button TEMPERATURE on the front keyboard
         using  + / - set temperature 180 C (
according to the type of item, the values are listed in the e-shop )
     Press button TIME SETTING on the front keyboard
         using  + / - set time 10 minutes 
4  Press button HEATING, wait until Press is heated to a set temperature, which is indicated by an acoustic signal
    Note : if you set the temperature to 180C, the press allways shows app 10C more, it is not fault !


When Press is heated ( use protective gloves which are supplied with Press) :
Open the front cover - release the frame with silicone membrane - open it - insert plate into vacuum unit - close and lock the frame with silicone membrane - see pictures: 

5    Press button VACUUM, which turns on the compressor and it starts to suck air from vacuum unit. Push a little bit onto silicon mebrane ( with gloves ) so it is held tightly against the entire surface of the image.

6    Finally press button TIMING, which automatically starts countdown of set time. When printing cycle is finished, vacuum press turns off the compressor - membrane is released and you can (with gloves) remove the plate. The process is complete.
Turn off the Vacuum Press with button POWER after you check quality of imprint.



* Sublimation paper with image ( valid for plates ) has to be slightly cut - several times around the perimeter ( up to bending corner ), otherwise sublimation paper ( which is not so soft ) makes folds below silicon membrane.

* Before you press button VACUUM put a strip of sublimation paper on the edge of the plate ( with overlap ) that this air channel enables to suck airpocket from central part of the plate.

* Before you remove sublimation paper from plate, bend the corners of sublimation paper (image must stay fixed) and check quality of imprint. If the vacuum unit has not created sufficient pressure to image and imprint is not perfect, use for example nylon scraper and iron surface of the paper to plate so that the paper adhere better (no bubbles) to plate and repeat sublimation cycle at 3D press once again. 

Procedure without
vacuum unit


3D printing oven procedure (without using vacuum unit)

Remove vacuum unit from the Press (disconnect the hose from the compressor) and place a Mug with silicone wrap on to a wire rack, see picture        

Subsequently do all exactly the same way as described in the previous chapter, but obviously without using VACUUM button.


* Setting of temperature / time

Mugs (depending on the type of coating, number of Mugs that you put in the Press) ..   180-190C / 10 minutes.
Similarly 155C / 12min up (depending on the number and size of object) ... for plates, sublimation stones e ( upper + lower heating ).

We specify recommended temperature / time ( step by step) to each product at our eshop for Mug Press BJ900 and 3D / ST3042

Following silicone wraps are at out offer :




Specific silicon heater - vacuum units 

There are new silicon units designed for specific Mugs, shot glasses .. and they may replace mechanical wraps incl vacuum unit at 3D,
as silicone hose from the compressor is connected direct to these silicone bags.
The key advantage is good pressure on sublimation paper / product, even surface is not perfectly flat.


Special 3D bag is the latest improvement for plates printing - you can insert plate inside of bag and to connect hose from compressor
  direct to this bag ... 
+ higher vacuum pressure at smaller and better sealed bag than at larger vacuum unit
*  There are special plates ( shallow with gradual transitions) designed for 3D, see our eshop :

Plates for 3D / Hip flasks / Chipped slates



Special 3D bag for 7 shot glasses. When you switch on vacuum unit press gently silicon around shot glases to remove unwanted folds. You can place heater into 3D glass up or down ( tested )



Specific bag for standard Mug size OZ11. Using this bag you can print images up to the edge and very close to the ear, if you have mugs with coating on the bottom, then can be printed even bottoms of Mugs.


Side view             
Side view  

Rear view             Rear view

Advantages /

Classical Mug Press   x   3D Vacuum Heat Press

+ Printing of individual Mug is about 3 - 4 times faster
+ When heating Mug, handle remains cold, ie.during the entire printing procedure you do not need protective gloves
+ The printed image is pressed onto the surface of Mug with high pressure = contrast homogeneous print
+ The press is smaller / lighter / smarter - more convenient for working outdoors
+ Power consumption of heat pad is significantly lower, than the power required for infra heating in the 3D oven
+ Mug Press has simple design

+ New silicong wraps allow the Mug to be printed close to the handle, which is difficult to achieve with classical Mug Press, as the
   temperature at the edge of heating pad is always slightly lower than in the middle
+ 3D printing of plastic covers - smartphones / tablets
+ More easy printing of plates, which often have slightly concave bottom
+ Safer printing onto Glass artic
les, when radiant heating doesnt cause internal stress,
especially important for thin glass, such as  double wall beer glass
+ Safer printing onto sublimation stones

In our opinion, 3D vacuum heat press is needed wherever you want to print :

* Prining of Mugs close to the handle
* Thin wall Mugs from bone china or Mugs with animal handle
* Hisp flasks  ( slightly bended surface )
* New bigger products which do not fit into classical Mug Press ( or there is not heater up to now )  as :
 - Mug Stein Wide 1L
 - Mug Jumbo
 - Bowls
- Polymer Chritmas Ornaments
- Polymer puzzles
- Polymer cutting board

* Printing of plates, Christmas ornaments, Slates
* Printing of Glass Steins
* Printing of 3D phone / tablet covers
* Printing of rounded hip flasks 


                                Technical specifications

Functions  digital adjustment of temperature and time
Operat. conditions temperature 5 do + 400 C
Heating infra / resistive heating spiral
Power requirements 220V, 50Hz, 2800W 
Dimensions (WxHxD) 470 x 590 x 280 mm   
Weight 17 kg ( incl. carton 20kg )
Color black
Certification CE
Accesorries Protective gloves, spare silicone membrane and seal silicone, 3 silicone wraps, AC Power Cord, User Manual
 3D Vacuum press    519,6 EUR (Export price without VAT) Liberek spol. s r. o.
  Silicon Wraps      SILICONE WRAPS FOR 3D
  Rubber bag     24.8 EUR  3D rubber bag for plates  
    11,8 EUR spare silicon membrane
  Stock spare parts      SPARE PARTS ST3042