Kiosk 7000 (HW4)

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Kiosk 7000 is selfservice photo kiosk for end-users for production of INSTANT digital photos format 10x15cm, 13x18, 15x20/21/23 (20x25, 20x30), index-prints, CD/DVD burnig from digital files stored on customerīs memory media.  From this reason, kiosk is equipped with all cards reader / USB, CD/DVD, including Bluetooth for transfer of images from mobile phones to kiosk.

Intuitive and multi-language menu on kiosk enables - to see all images stored on media, to select files, to edit colors of files, but even to convert images to BW or Sepia, or to insert digital files into smart
frames / calendars / compositions.

Standard program on kiosk allows to activate
transfers to external minilab. End-user can than select not only instant but even minilab prints on the kiosk, so the choice of photo fomats are increased by 8 minilab photo formats, for example 9x13 glossy&matt, 10x15 glossy&matt, 13x18, 15x21, 20x30, 30x45.
New version of program 3.7 include 3 optional applications -
/ Greetings / EasyAlbums.

Customer can create his own specific
PHOTO GIFTS on the kiosk !   
Plese see  Table calendars  or  EasyAlbums.


  Printers PHOTO

   Used equip.   

Mitsubishi Electric Changes for the Better - Mitsubishi Electric Changes for the Better - Mitsubishi Electric Changes for the Better - Mitsubishi Electric Changes for the Better - Mitsubishi Electric  
                             Specific features


PROGRAM  software

Program Kiosk
version 3.7.0 (incl. photofigts) is described in details :.

please read chapter
  DPSKiosk 3.7.0



Hardware of Kiosk 7000 consist from 2 parts : upper part - terminal,
which includes
17" touch screen, built-in PC, cards reader,  Bluetooth,
CD/DVD burner, prepayment chip card reader.  

Second lower part is Pedestal of system, equipped with shelf,
bill printer and sufficient space for two photoprinters Mitsubishi CP9550DW-S and
fast CP9820DW_S
to be able to offer TWO FORMATS at the same time,
for example basic format 10x15 and additional 13x18 or 15x21 / 15x23cm.

(CP9550DW-S -
it takes app. 16 sec to print 1 photo 10x15cm
CP9800DW-S - it takes app. 8 sec).

CP9550DW-S is digital photo printer with formats 10x15, 13x18, 15x20, 15x21, 15x23 cm for instant digital prints.
High horizontal resolution 346 DPI with unique dual line technology  - one dot (pixel) is composed from 2 smaller heating elements on the thermal head, which complies with doubled steps of paper in print direction - result  is much sharper image with greater details and possibility to print in 3 quality modes incl. SUPER FINE 692DPI (interlaced).



CP9820DW-S is robust digital photoprinter with formats 10x15, 13x18, 15x20, 15x21, 15x23 cm and print speed 8 sec / fomat 10x15.  High horizontal resolution  300 DPI  with dual line technology is used with SUPER FINE print mode -  600DPI (interlaced).
There is new possibility to print photos (same paper roll inside printer) with both glossy / semi-glossy finish and to print pictures (aside standard paper) to
paper with higher contrast CP90xxHG (CK9015HG / CK9318HG / CK9523HG).


                            Specific features
Dimensions (WxHxD) 510 x 1540 x 520 mm   
Power consumption 100-230V, 50/60Hz, app 180 W during printing
Weight 63 kg
Color combination of red / silver

P  R  I C  E  S
 Kiosk 7000  
1 x printer 9550DW-S
  3.790 EUR complete system as shown on picture (station + pedestal +  1x CP-9550DW-S) +  FULL PROGRAM (SW GIFTS)
 Kiosk 7000  
1 x printer 9820DW-S
  4.290 EUR complete system as shown on picture (station + pedestal +  1x CP-9820DW-S) +  FULL PROGRAM (SW GIFTS)
 Kiosk 7000  
9820DWS + 9550DWS
  5.490 EUR complete kiosk with 2 printers (1x CP-9820DW-S + 1x CP-9550DW-S) +  FULL PROGRAM (SW GIFTS)
  Prices are without VAT
Additional extra photo printer  A4  (20x25, 20x30) :  
    1 x CP-3800DW
      Roll type printer
  + 1.790 EUR additional roll type printer for 20x25, 20x30  incl. travel case
Optional acc.  
  upon request EUR (for wireless unblock of Kiosk via Bluetooth / prepayment mode on Kiosk )
   Format 10x15
  0.1 EUR
   Prepaid card     1 EUR     
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